Saturday, April 5, 2014

~ i-Light Festival @ Marina Bay & Say Hi To April! ~

Hi everyone, long time no see! 好久不见!오랜만에 ,여러분.Or I should said that it's been a SUPER LONG time since I last update my blog. Really really sorry for the long awaited update here but I just spoil my own laptop due to my own carelessness!!! >.< Guess what? I accidentally spilled some hot coffee onto my laptop. WTH, THAT WAS SO BRILLIANT OF ME, WASN'T IT?!!! *keep scolding myself*

Anyway, it's April now already! Oh My God, time flies! Three months of the year has gone and I feel like I done nothing much so far. *sigh* But hopefully the following months will turn out to be more exciting and I'm so looking forward to June as I already got an overseas trip set by then! Anticipating, hehe. xD

I had a great March as I just celebrated my birthday and my best friend, Alexis came over to Singapore together with some friends from my hometown last two weeks ago! Will updated them in more details in my blog soon! Here some sneak peek of the pictures of my birthday and their short trip here! =)

I wanted to share with you guys about the i-light festival that they are having at Marina Bay from 7th March to 30th March 2014. Heard and saw many people posted photos about the festival and I really really wanted to go and join in the fun! =) Wanted to go together with Alexis and the rest of the friends but we missed out the lights on time. =( Finally, I decided to go with my bro who just came to work in Singapore on the last day of the festival! *yay*

I guessed some of us might be wondering what's this "i-light festival" about? "i Light Marina Bay is Asia's only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lightning as well as an international line-up of creative talents." This is what I found from their websites and if anyone is interested to find out more, you can go to their website.

Here are some of the pictures that I took on that day. Apologies for the poor quality pictures as I only took them using my Iphone. >.< (Wish I can get myself a better camera in the coming month, one of my birthday wishes kay! *pray hard*)

The whole festival took place from somewhere near Esplanade mall to Marina Bay Sands area, so in order to catch all the beautiful sights of the lights, you need to walk quite some distances. >.< And yes, both my bro and I walked from one end to the other end and it didn't feel good at all due to the super hot weather on that night. *sweat*

While we were walking and tried to passed through the crowd, we spotted this pretty lighting tree thing and it will changed colours! It was really really beautiful! xD

There were also some other creative lightnings and also bear-like lightnings along the way! Didn't took much photos of the bear-like lightning as there were too many people surrounded them, taking pictures with the "bears". So end up I just took picture of one of them only. xD

And what I like the most was the aura-like lightning that they created using a web! Interesting isn't it?! xD And also not forgetting the "heart-beat" lightning. Failed to take a video of it as my phone was out of space that day. =( But still, did managed to take a picture of the "heart-beat" lightning. =)

It's really hard to tell from the pictures that they can just created all these beautiful and stunning lightnings using environmental-friendly materials. Human can be such an amazing creatures if they want to. Ok, this is kinda no link, haha. but it's really a great event, gave us a chance to get to appreciate the arts. =)

It's almost 3 a.m. now and I'm still wide awake, trying my best to update my long-abandoned blog here. T______T (oh no, my beauty sleeps gone!) No worry, I still got a lot more on my cafe hopping experinces wanted to share with you guys. Do look out for my updates in my blog!

Till then, annyeong! But before that, let me take a selfie. xD (Hahahaha, I start to love this song already!) Xoxo, Phoebe! :)


  1. Selfie.. Selfie.. Selfie.. :P

    1. Ah boon: hahaha, let's take selfie together when you are back in sg! xD

    2. Hahaha.. you will back to lembu next week wor.. xD
      I wait you in SG. dai ba gei wui.. hahaha..