Thursday, April 17, 2014

~ A Long-Time-No-Have-Breakfast/Brunch @ Five And Dime Eatery ~

It's been quite long time since I last had a PROPER breakfast or brunch, too lazy to go out lately. >.< So finally I managed to drag myself out from my slumber land and met up with my bestie, Alexis for breakfast. Of course she will have the first priority since she traveled to Singapore. (When is your turn Shing?! xD)

I decided to go to Five and Dime which is located at River Valley (which is quite "ulu" by the way) as I saw this place received quite a few of good reviews on its food and the dining environment. =) I wanna said a BIG thanks to my friend, Tuckh Poon for finding out the way to get to the destination =P

After almost half an hour of walking, we finally reached! xD God knows how sunny it was... >.< While we were waiting for Alexis's boyfriend, Ah Fui to join us, we were also waiting for our table. So here's a little reminder for you all, please make a reservation before you come as this place is very crowded during weekend. >.<

Five and Dime have different menu for both lunch and dinner, and the food menu is separate from the drinks. Love their menus for providing a good selection of foods and drinks! =)

Three of us ordered the Big Brekkie (SGD 22) to give it a try. You can find pork bacon, chicken chipolata sausages, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, thick toast and of course, your own choice of eggs. =)

The appearance is attractive and is flavourful in overall. Just that the bacon is a bit too salty and I think the baked beans can cooked with more tonmato sauce, taste a bit too bland to me. But I like the thick toast though, it's crispy and soft at the same time, the sauteed mushrooms taste nice too! =)

And as usual, I ordered a cup of Cappuccino (SGD 6). How could a day be prefect without a cup of coffee to kickstart? xD (Always can find an excuse or reason to have a cup of coffee!) 

But unfortunately is not my cup of cappuccino. >.< I don't really like the taste of it and I found that the taste of the coffee wasn't strong enough, as though you can taste the coffee out from the beans. Thank god it has latte art on it that able to save it from leaving a bad impressions on me, lol. (Not really a reason ok?Haha)

Alexis's boyfriend joined us quite late afterwards and he ordered a French Toast (SGD 15) for himself. It was served along with fruit salad and also some bacons. =)

I don't know how it taste but Ah Fui told me that it taste good, so I think it is good? Lol! Haha, but I think should be ok judging from the presentation of the dish. xD (Looks do matters, SOMETIMES.=P)

He ordered himself a cup of Cafe Mocha (SGD 6). The mocha looked aesthetically pleasing too, with the beautiful latte art on top. xD For people who don't want something with strong caffeine, you can try mocha as it has more chocolate instead of coffee in it. =)

Of course, not forgetting to take photos together with her! xD

We also didn't forget to take photos while we were on the bus, lol! (Like trying to advertise or something, hahaha! xD) 

Five And Dime Eatery

297 River Valley Road,
Singapore 238338.
Reservation number: +65 92365002

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