Friday, October 24, 2014

~ A Hidden Gem In Cuppace Terrace, Somerset : Wine Connection ~

When a meal comes with a glass of wine, people would mostly connected this to "atas" aka high standard of dining, which means expensive in general. Well, fret not! You don't have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket while savouring yourself in a good meal that comes with a glass of good wine, cuz you definitely can have it all in Wine Connection! =)

I was absolutely clueless about this place if wasn't my friend, Connie brought me there to try out. =) Really have no idea that there is actually a hidden gem in Cuppace Terrace! =O Oh wells, before I share with you guys more on the great food, some of you might be wondering where Cuppace Terrace is, right? Let me fill you in. xD

Cuppace Terrace is actually located behind the Centrepoint, you can find different restaurants and eateries there. If it wasn't my friends, Connie and Keinth brought me there, I really didn't know there is such a hidden gem around that area! =)

After a long queuing, finally they got a table for us! Seriously no joke, the queue here was quite long and you don't expect people to leave so soon when there is good food and good wine around. So better come as early as you can.

We decided to order a few main course and shared among the three of us. We ordered pasta, pizza and beef steak to share, of course not forgetting a bottle of wine! xD

The Aglio Olio Pasta (SGD 10.29) taste normal to me, nothing too special or impressive. I find that the pasta was a bit too dry, but definitely not the best I had so far.

We also ordered the Carnivore Pizza (SGD 14.96) (by the way, what a name for a pizza, haha!) too. The pizza taste surprisingly good! It was a thin crust pizza, and the crust was super crunchy! xD Definitely a delectable dish to order here. =)

Another main course that we ordered was the Beef Tenderloin (SGD 23.37). It was cooked in medium well as Connie isn't fond of having food in a too raw way. I personally prefer the beef to cook in medium rare as it can brings out the tenderness and the juiciness of the meat itself. =P

It was served along with some vegetables, mushrooms and baked potatoes. Totally love the dish! The beef itself still remain the tenderness despite of it being cooked quite tho thoroughly. The sauce that makes the dish stand out more. =)

Last but not least, how could we missed out to order a bottle of wine when we were dining here? =P But unfortunately now only I found out that I forgot to take a pic of the wine that we ordered. =.= What a shame. Anyway, here's a GLIMPSE of the wine, lol.

Since none of us have a clue of what kind of wine to order, we decided to ask the waiter there to recommend one for us. After asking what's our preferences for wine, the waiter recommended this - Sauvignon Blanc from Overstone (SGD 32.71). =)

The wine was served lightly chilled and it taste a bit bitter sweet, which is divine! =) A recommend for you to try out if you have no idea what to order or if you simply just want to have a taste of white wine. =)

But of course, the place offers various and a lot of choices of wine, including champagne and sparkling wine too. =) (Pardon my lousy photos here. =X)

After indulged ourselves in a satisfying dinner, we decided to head for 2nd round, which is the dessert fixing! =P After roaming around for a while, we finally settled ourselves in Everything With Fries. =P

We ordered the Nutella Tart and the Crepes. Forgot what are the flavours but nothing too impressive except for the nutella tart. =)

I had such a great dining experience at the Wine Connection, definitely will go back for their food and good wine! =) As for EwF (Everything With Fries), I still prefer their sandwiches more, haha! 

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Wine Connection

41, Cuppage Road,
Singapore 229462.

Everything With Fries

181, Orchard Road #01-24/25.

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