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~ Sawadeekap & Annyeonghaseyo (안 녕 하 세 요) @ Nakhon Kitchen & Kim Dae Mun Korean Food ~

I think my title for this post is a bit too long but I wanna use a more "local" way to introduce you guys these two places, which is the Nakhon Kitchen and Kim Dae Mun Korean Food. I bet many people wanted to have Thai food or Korean food most of the times but due to the unfriendly budget, we only can enjoy it once in a while. But fret not! You can now satisfied your cravings without burning your pocket! xD

Firstly wanna introduce you guys Nakhon Kitchen, a place that serves authentic Thai food at reasonable and affordable price. =) Mind you, better go queue early or else you really need to wait for quite some time! I went there quite early also need to wait for a while as the shop already got some crowd. When it's about our turn the queue already snakingly long! >.< 

Nakhon Kitchen serves a comprehensive menu, you can find appetizer, salad, soup, curry, seafood, noodle, chicken, beef and etc in their menu. The most expensive item on the menu is around SGD22, so consider reasonable cuz if you having the same thing at some other Thai restaurant, I think the price will be even more expensive.

As for the place, it is a simple restaurant with some of the seatings outside it. But I do like their counter! It's full of Thai feel! xD

A cup of Thai Iced Tea is a must order whenever you are having Thai food! It's definitely refreshing enough yet flavourful at the same time! =) To be frank this was the first time I tried this Thai iced tea out, even though this is not the first time I had Thai food. Am worried that the taste of the tea might be weird but after I'd tried, it proved that I've worried for nothing! xD

We ordered one of the must try here, the Stir Fried Mince Pork With Hot Basil Leaves (SGD 6). Just seeing the name already makes you drool, haha.

The sauce is damn good and a bit hot, and the mince pork is tender and well-marinated. (Anyway, mind you guys first, if you are judging the hotness/spiciness of the dish, please don't based on my opinion since my friends often said that my taste bud is malfunction, as I can eat SUPER SPICY, lol) This is one of the best Thai mince pork with basil you can find, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DISH here!! xD

We also ordered a bowl of Tom Yam Seafood Soup(clear base) (SGD 6). The soup is hot enough and definitely can please people like me who like spicy food. xD I guess some of you might be wondered why is the menu in Thai restaurant often state that the Tom Yam soup available in clear or red base? Well, telling from my experience, for those who fancy a much more sour and spicy soup, do go for the clear one. (Don't judge its spiciness by its redness, lol!)

What I like about this restaurant is even though the food might look comes in small portion, but they actually put in a lot of ingredients inside. See how much they put into a bowl? =) There is mushrooms, prawns, fish meats, sotong, etc.

We also ordered a Green Curry Beef (SGD 8) instead of the usual red curry. This is also the first time I tried the green one instead of the red one. My friend likes it a lot but to me, the dish wasn't that awesome. Probably is because I got used to the red one, and the green one is more thick and creamy. And more coconut milk, I prefer something hotter and less coconut milk. =)

But still, you can spot they got lot of beefs and other ingredients inside the bowl! xD

All in all, Nakhon Kitchen offers delectable Thai food at a reasonable prices. I guessed that explained the long queue right? Nakhon Kitchen got two outlets, one at Bedok North (which is the one I went) and the other one is at Hougang Street.

After sharing with you all about Thai food , now is annyeonghaseyo time! =) I'm a big fan of Korean food and always craving for it especially after watching Running Man (excuse!), haha. xD But it's really not easy to find a place that serves decent Korean food with cheaper price in Singapore.

Don't tell me all those small stalls that you find in food court that serves Korean food, cuz they doesn't count as the Korean food they served are not authentic. To be honest, the most cheapest price that I find so far is this Korean restaurant called "Dal In" that near my working place, around SGD 10+ per item but still, not THAT CHEAP until you can have it most of the times. But it is cheaper than most of the Korean restaurant that you can find.

But thanks to my Singapore friends, I get to know a place that serves authentic yet cheap! The price ranges of their food is from SGD 4.50 to less than SGD 10! Unbelievable right?! This is a stall that located at the basement food court of Concorde Hotel, called Kim Dae Mun Korean Food. =)

This stall is run by a Korean family, and is the most popular stall among all the food stalls inside the food court. The queue is always long over there. Kim Dae Mun serves a variety of local Korean food such as spicy shredded chicken (bulgogi), mixed vege rice (bibimbap) and more.

I ordered their Spicy Chicken Soup Set as I was craving for something like kimchi stew. From the colour of the soup you might think that it taste quite spicy but actually not, haha. But I like how it taste and the portion is quite big! I feel super full after I finish off the whole big bowl. >.<

One good thing about them is they also provide side dishes a.k.a banchan (반찬). They will ask what kind of side dish you want when your food is being served. You can choose either kimchi, cucumber or depends one what they have that day. Quite worth it huh? Pay less than SGD 10 for a meal and even comes with a side dish! =)

My friend, Yukinao Lijing ordered herself a Kimchi Fried Rice as she said she feels that the soup will be too spicy for her.  The kimchi fried rice looked aesthetically pleasing and got a fried egg on top! xD

We also ordered one of the must try when you are eating here, the Potato Pancake (SGD 4)!! Super cheap and the most important, it's SUPER DELICIOUS!!! xD Unlike some of the pancake that you find in other Korean restaurants that is expensive (some more than SGD10) but doesn't taste awesome. This one totally worth the price! =)

It is crispy at the edge but fluffy inside, and the texture not toot thick, easy to chew and allow you to enjoy the pancake to the fullest. The sauce that comes together with the pancake also play a vital role in making it more delicious. If I'm not wrong the sauce consists of a bit of vinegar as I can taste a bit of sour, like the mix of sour + salty. =)

So now you will know where to go for when you are craving for either Thai or Korean food right? xD (Address is below, don't worry! xD) Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Nakhon Kitchen

136 Bedok North Avenue 3 #01-166,
Singapore 460136.

212 Hougang Street 21 #01-341,
Singapore 530212.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food (Nearest MRT : Dhoby Ghaut MRT)

100 Orchard Road Level 1,
Food Court Concorde Hotel Singapore.

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