Thursday, November 28, 2013

~ Gathering With My Girls @ Happy 8 Cafe (Ipoh) ~

Been trying my best to update here as much and as soon as I can, but seriously it's harder than I thought. The only free time I have now is only weekend, provided that I didn't go out. Of course weekdays will be working, and more OT will be expected since quite a lot of people on leave during year end. (All going on a trip!! >.<) So usually after work I will be too lazy and too tired to sit in front of my laptop and blog. What's more with I'm taking Korean classes now, so I find that "time is so little yet the things that I wanna do is SO MUCH"!!!! *Sigh*

Remembered that I went back to Ipoh last time and I did mentioned that I managed to do some cafe hunting in Ipoh? So today I wanna blog about my another cafe hunting experience - Happy 8 Cafe. Guess what? This Happy 8 cafe just located behind the company that I last time worked in Ipoh before I came out to Singapore. Surprise surprise...

I went to Happy 8 cafe after my meet up with Alice in Zakka Loft to join my girls, haha. Tucked away in Ipoh old town, Happy 8 cafe
is a combination of cafe and homestay (民宿). It is a very unique and well-designed place, and it's highly recommended for those who loves art and nature! =)

To be frank, I was really amazed by the concept and the design of the whole place. It makes you feel like you are having some tea time in some nature, chill and relax. Especially the place that we were sitting that time. It's more like a private space inside the place, and we were surrounded by bamboo wall.

This is the only enclosed area inside the cafe, enjoying our time inside gives me a VIP feel, haha! And do you know that under us is actually a "pond"?! YES, you heard me right! There is water flowing and fishes swimming underneath us, super cool!

Ok, before I spam the post with loads of photos that we took on that day, I will just briefly share with you all the drinks that we had on that day. I personally feel that the drinks here are kinda disappointing, not very good and quite pricey, which I find that it's not worth to pay so much for something that didn't taste that good. But my friend told me that the food here is actually not that bad, cuz she did tried it out before. Oh wells, guess I need to find a chance to try the food there.

Anyway, we only ordered drinks because we came here for tea time only, or not even tea time, close to dinner time already, haha. My best friend just wanna bring me there cuz I told her I wanted to try out all the new cafes around Ipoh area, that's why she brought me to this beautiful cafe! =)

Some of them I've forgot what is it already and I didn't try every single drinks that we ordered. This is a coffee, but I forgot whether it's normal coffee or cappuccino, but I did took a sip of it. It wasn't fantastic or should I said, not even reach the average level?

This is the Cafe Latte (RM 12.90) that I ordered with a bit failed latte art? I was kinda disappointed with my cup of cafe latte as it not aromatic enough. Luckily I didn't ordered the avocado that recommended by the staff there, cuz it's super expensive!! =O

But we did have a good time chatting away happily and catching up with each other's life. They told me about their life in university, what they experienced during internship and for a few who had graduate, what's their plans after this. I really really miss our school time!! >.< A time with nothing much to worry (other than our academic results) and not as much as commitments after you work. Telling from my experience after been working for a few years, it's not easy to find true friends nowadays. It's sad but it's true. =(

Hahaha, don't beat me for uploading this a bit unglam photo of you girls! But all of you looked pretty natural right? Hehe! I can tell that Kinki feeling quite touched while reading the graduation card that we gave her. xD

One of my BFF, Shing is actually a SELFIE QUEEN (自拍女王). My phone always full of her selfie photos whenever we meet up, hahaha. But actually both of my BFF also selfie queen, that of course, include Alexis, haha! xD Here is the prove to show that Shing is selfie queen among us! =P

Both her and Kinki even portrayed their own version of Gwiyomi, lol!

Get what I mean? Who else can be such a professional selfie queen like Shing? Hahaha! xD

And two of my best friends, Kinki and Romi (her nickname of course, haha) will be pursue their dreams to do voluntary jobs in Bandung, Indonesia. I always remembered how we used to love help those less fortunate and participate in a lot of activities when we were one of the Interactors. =) And now they got the chance to continue what they wanna do and achieve something different in life. I believe that this is a good life experience and hopefully I got the chance to do so in future. =)

It;s been such a long while since so many of us gathered around. A few pictures with the girls of course it's a MUST! =) Although some of them wasn't in Ipoh that time, but I'm looking forward to our next gathering during Chinese New Year. Hope all of you can turn up. =)

All the best to all of us! Looking forward to out next gathering. =) Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

The Happy 8

46, Jalan Market,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.

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