Saturday, November 16, 2013

~ Cafe Hunting @ Ipoh : Zakka Loft Cafe ~

With a simple dream, a hunch of innocence, and a best friend. Zakka Loft was born. Zakka Loft brings to all a handcrafting way of life. The term Zakka is derived from the Japanese word "Zak-ka" (杂货), which is the common objects that we use everyday to enhance our lifestyle.

I know there are more and more cafes in Singapore now, and somehow cafe hopping has becoming a trend recently. And surprisingly cafes are sprouting out in my hometown - Ipoh too.
I had seen many friends of mine posting pictures and checking in to all these new cafes in Ipoh, so I've decided I must pay visit to some of them and Zakka Loft is one of them. xD

My best buddy in Singapore, Alice has now return to Ipoh to welcome her first baby with her hubby, so the chance of meeting up with her now is getting lesser. *sob sob* Therefore I asked for a meet up at this Zakka Loft cafe, which just located inside the shophouses behind Tesco Ipoh Garden east. =)

Took one selfie in the car while waiting for both Alice and her hubby, Danny to arrive. Haha, no choice, cuz they got some errands need to run so I had to do something to spend the time while wait for them before they can come. =P (A good excuse! Haha!)

This quaint cafe situated opposite of Michelangelo's Pizzeria (also another place that I wanted to go long time ago but didn't managed to! >.<), so shouldn't be a problem to find. I like the concept and the designs of the cafe, full of creative art piece and those beautiful handcraft products. =)

But of course I would say that the menu in Zakka Loft did surprised me a bit. Cuz they served sweet soup a.k.a. tang shui (糖水) and not many choice for beverages like coffee and tea, which is somehow a disappointment to me. (I bet you all know why right!) I know there is nothing wrong with serving sweet soup in a cafe, but seriously, this is the FIRST time I come across with a cafe that served tang shui.

We ordered the Rainbow Sponge Cake and Chocolate Fantasy Cake to fill up our Saturday noon. (I forgot about the price of the cakes already and I think I forgot to keep the receipt this time, lol! >.<) The presentations of both cakes definitely an eye-catching I must say. =)

My mood instantly lifted when I saw the Rainbow Sponge Cake! =) It's almost same as the rainbow just that it only has 6 layer of different colours instead of 7 colours. If my taste buds didn't cheat on me, I think each colour has a different taste. The cake is soft and the flavour in it wasn't that heavy. It's lighter in taste compared with the Chocolate Fantasy Cake but which is just nice to enjoy both at the same time.

The Chocolate Fantasy Cake is rich in chocolate as say by its name. It's moist enough and certainly a good choice for those chocolate lovers! =)

Alice's hubby, Danny got himself a cooling Grape Soda while Alice and me both ordered the same drink, Iced Mocha. The mocha was ok, but taste more chocolaty than the usual mocha. But the mocha comes with a scoop of ice cream! Yummy-licious! *Thumbs up*

I just find that the whole place is full of creative art piece! Even the table no. stand also very cute! The bottom looks like the mould that we usually used to make the Chinese New Year cookies "Beehive" (蜜蜂巢), just that this is the mini size one, haha.

Nevertheless Zakka Loft is a cafe that combines dining and handcrafting experience together. They also set a place for you to leave your message down and they will help you clip it on. =) You will love this place and I saw from online that even some couples came here and did their wedding shoot here!

Of course not forgetting to take a picture with my pretty mummy-to-be Alice! I miss you lots! *cry* Must take good care of yourself and also my godson, okay? Hehe.. hope we can meet again soon! xD And also thanks Danny for helping the two of us taking picture, I know you will take good care of your wifey~ xD

If you are a handcrafting person or keen to discover the fun and secrets of handcrafting, or maybe just simply have a chillax moment with friends, Zakka Loft is the place for you! =) 

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Zakka Loft (Closed On Mondays)

No. 2, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C,
Medan Ipoh Bestari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


  1. Look like a nice place to visit! Hope the pricing is not exorbitant as some places in Ipoh! Chocolate cake look tasty and would definitely be my choice. :)

    1. Wisesim, yup, it's quite a good place to go! Definitely not! I can assured you that their price is quite cheap in fact! :) I saw the review of the "tang shui" there is good, you can give that a try! :)

  2. Thanks for taking a picture of my Mural. :) Appreciates.