Thursday, November 14, 2013

~ A Surprise Found In Katong : Rabbit Carrot Gun ~

Rabbit Carrot Gun, a quaint place which just located along the East Coast Road, is a surprise found for me since I only went there to try the famous Katong Laksa, haha. Heard of the name but never really go and find out where exactly it is, and unexpectedly it just appeared in front of us that day. =)

Eat, Drink, Sleep. Or as they said, 'Manducare Bibere Somno'. A smile or two, with a morsel or three, and a tipple or four. And a fine feathered pillow in a burrow made of dreams.
That's just scratching the surface here at this fine establishment. The one the rabbit calls home.

I instantly have this "homey" feel once I got into the place, it really portrayed well the concept of "Eat, Drink, Sleep". With the candelier on top, it add on the romantic feels dining there! xD They also have very artistic paintings hanging on the wall. =)

Their menu also kinda special cuz they don't just served single menu, they have menu for breakfast (weekdays & weekends), lunch and dinner. For their menu, you can go to : Menu

The Marinated Goat's Cheese And Beetroot Salad With Hazelnut Dressing (SGD 12.50) gave me and Jermaine a little "surprised", haha. Cuz we never expect that salad can be present in this way! And the portion sort of "small" I guess, but luckily we just wanna tried how goat's cheese taste only, haha. xD

The combination of beetroot and goat's cheese wasn't that bad but if you eat the beetroot solely, maybe most of you will find that the taste of it is a bit hard to accept. Anyway, I really really like the goat's cheese!! xD It tastes very different from the usual cheese that you find from the market. MUST TRY!!!

Well, what kind of drinks other than coffee you will be having at such place? xD So I ordered myself a cup of Flat White (SGD 5.00) and Jermaine ordered herself a cup of "her usual" - Cafe Latte (SGD 5.00).

The latte art on it is always something mood lifting to me, I just love coffee with latte art! And this is the first time I ever saw they make a human face as the latte art! The coffee doesn't tasted that outstanding but still ok, guess this explained why it didn't smell that fragrant when they were served. =(

Flat White ~

Cafe Latte ~

Rabbit Carrot Gun is a cosy place for chilling around and have some talk, but it's a bit pricey compared with other cafe that I've visited so far. But treat yourself something good once in a while is reasonable right? =)

Before I end my post here, I wanna show you guys the famous Katong Laksa that I had before I headed to this cafe. =) I know a lot of my friends from Malaysia always complained that laksa in Singapore taste bad and it's just like the curry that we had in Malaysia.

To be frank, I also feel the same until that day I came across with Miss Tam Chiak's post about Laksania , then only I knew why the laksa tasted so different. 

In summary, Malaysia's laksa didn't put in coconut milk, more to assam-based broth while in Singapore, their laksa is "Nyonya Laksa", which comes with thick coconut milk in the broth, this explained why the laksa taste so different here. =)

And the most SPECIAL thing about this katong laksa is you only need A SPOON to finish up the bowl without using any chopsticks or fork, sounds impossible huh? BUT IT'S TRUE. And WHY? Cuz the noodles are normally cut into smaller pieces, so with spoon alone you can scoop up the whole dish! =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe! :)

Rabbit Carrot Gun (Closed on Mondays)

49, East Coast Road,
Singapore 428768.


  1. The laksa is totally different from the Malaysian Laksa as not only the broth is different, the ingredients are also different! Still look more like curry mee to me. Hope it is tasty! :)

    1. Wisesim, Singapore's laksa is Nyonya Lakso, that's why the ingredients they put also different from Malaysia's one! The reason why their laksa look like our curry most probably is because of the coconut milk. Most of my Malaysian's friends can't accept the taste of Singapore's laksa, haha!