Sunday, January 19, 2014

~ A Hidden Boutique Cafe : Vanity Haus @ Ipoh ~

This post was supposed to be up a long time ago but apparently I keep updating my blog on more places that I've been to recently, that's why I keep dragging this post and sort of forgetting about it. =P (And I'm very sure my friends especially that David sure will tease me about this.)

Anyway, that's not the main point. I had a gathering with my good old buddies Kinki, Candy and David during the last time I went back to my hometown. We wanted to go to B.E.D. (Bread Espresso Dessert) initially but we changed to this hidden cafe at Canning Garden since we were unable to get ourselves nice seats at B.E.D. >.<

We really didn't know the existence of the boutique cafe until David brought us there. It's really well-hidden I must said, lol. Vanity Haus is located in a midst of residential houses in Canning Garden. If you didn't pay attention carefully, you could have missed out this place!

The interior design of the cafe is special and unique. It's not the common cafe interior that I usually been to. =) The design was somehow a combination of European + Mediterranean style, with a lot of vintage items displayed around. Sounds cool right? xD

They even have the masquerade masks on the wall as part of the decorations but apparently I didn't took photo of it. -.- Ok, one of the most important thing you need to take note is Please Make Sure You Are Not Extremely Hugry when you visited this place. Cuz you might need to wait for quite long before you get your order served. But no worries, the food here are actually quite nice and up to standards! =)

Our drinks were served before our food of course, haha. We had fruit juices since the staff there recommended us to try out the fruit juice as the fruit juice there are all freshly squeeze and they didn't add any water into it! xD We ordered apple juice and strawberry juice to try out. =)

Both of the juices are intensely fruity and the texture are thick enough. xD Means what the staff told us is true! Even though it might be a bit pricey (if not mistaken is around RM 8 per cup) but I really felt that the money is worth paying for. =)

The food finally served after much awaited. Since we all ordered the same thing, so I didn't took much photo of it. We ordered the Chicken Chop (RM 16 if not mistaken). The portion was big and the chicken chop was served along with potato wedges, long beans and garlic bread. The long beans was something quite interesting as this was the first time I ever saw long beans being served as the sides. Creative! xD

The chop may looked not that attractive but I can assured you that the taste of the chop is divine! xD The chop was soft and tender, the potato wedges are crispy on the outside and soft inside, the garlic bread wasn't that dry BUT what gave me the biggest surprised is the LONG BEANS!! I don't know how they cooked it or what they put inside, but the long beans taste seriously good and it doesn't feel odd to have it with the chop! *Big thumbs up*

We had a great chat that day, talked about our life, how have we been recently, shared our stories and most importantly, a very much thanks to David! For not just being the best senior, always gives us advise and guide us when we need, and thanks for being my good friend. =) Glad to know friend like you! =) I'm very sure that both my sista Kinki and Candy will agree with what I said, haha! xD

Photos of the day:

Group photo of the day. Thanks a lot to the waiter there for helping us! =) (And did you noticed the masquerade masks on the wall that I told you before? I actually did caught a bit of it, haha! =P)

We went to espresso lab afterwards but I will continue my post about the coffee in espresso lab next time! Am very much looking forward to our next gathering buddies! We shall arrange one the next time round I come back, hehe. =)

Til next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Vanity Haus

No. 8, Jalan Keliling,
Canning Garden,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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