Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~ Goodbye 2013! Let's welcome 2014! ~

Hi everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *hands clapping*

It's the first day of year 2014, how's your year 2013 have been? Whether it's good or bad, we should take the good, leave the bad, remember the lessons and move forward! =) How do you all celebrate your New Year Eve? Bet most of you sure had lotsa fun right? ^.^

Well, for me, nothing much too grand or crazy, just simply spend it with my friends by having steamboat at their place (thanks for inviting Jetlee, KK and soh poon!) then went to countdown at Clarke Quay with Connie and her friends. I think when comes to this kind of special day, the most important thing is to spend with the people you love and cherish, not about how you spend it. =)

If people asked me how's my year 2013 has been, I can't said that it's very good or very bad, it's just been a year with more ups and downs in my life. More downs I guessed... Cuz I've somehow learned some lessons in hard ways.

Losing someone you love definitely is a very heart-breaking thing in the world. And I didn't know that how terrible a person I've became until I lose him, the person who I once thought we will end up together, then only I realised what a big mistake I've made. It's been a tough period to live a life where someone you used to be with, you always hang out with, whom you always share your everything in life with, suddenly vanished from your life.

Glad to know that you are living well now, but it still makes my heart ache to think of the fact that I'm no longer a part of your life, to share all the happiness and sadness moments in your life. And to someone who used to love me and cherished me in every way you could, I really feel grateful and appreciate everything that you had done for me, and truly sorry for what I've done to us.

Another thing that I learn is, TRUE friends are not easy to find, especially after our high school time. Like even though you thought you are in the same group with them, but it just seems that they didn't take you as one of them. It's easy to laugh and joke, but it's hard to find someone who you can lean onto whenever you are down and sad. Thank god that I always have Alexis and Shing by my side throughout these few years. Words can't expressed how grateful I feel and I know I'm not a good friend, but thanks for the caring and the tolerance. Those who I didn't mentioned names doesn't mean that I forget about you, you guys always been the greatest and comfort me when I'm down.

It's been a happening year and the happiest moment was when my best friend Alice got married! It's been such an amazing journey from knowing her and becoming best friend, and even became her bridesmaid during her wedding and until she is now pregnant! =) Even though we only know each other for two years plus, but your love and care and support for me is so great and priceless.

Before the end of the year, both my cousin and friend, Winnie now 升级 become mother already! Congratz! Really feel happy for you two! It's a different stage in your life and it's marvelous! =)

Sadly speaking I didn't have any overseas trip in year 2013, but I'm kinda proud of myself. Why? Cuz I able to sponsor my parents to go on an overseas trip to Taiwan together finally! =) I know it's nothing big and not very far, but being able to do so ever since after I work, this feeling is just too good! Seeing how happy my mum and dad is, able to travel overseas together and attend my bro's convocation in Taiwan really cheer me up. xD

So these are some of my reflections of year 2013, and time for... my 2014 resolutions!! =)
Usually I will have a super long list for my new year resolution but, most of them not working cuz I will forget them easily. So I decided to make this year's resolution short and sweet. xD

1. Spend more time with the people I love and cherish. I think the first people are my family. As I'm working overseas now, the time I can spend with them is lesser therefore also become much treasure now. I also will try my best to keep in touch with most of my friends as some of them complained that I didn't have time for them. 

2. I must go for a trip! Be it is a trip to my own country, Malaysia or overseas, I don't mind! And hopefully I can have both so that my next resolution can achieve, hehe. *Finger crossed*

3. A trip with my besties! Yes, I've been longing for a trip with them and hopefully it can be achieve this year. Alexis, we should start planning! Haha

4. Read all my books! Seriously, my book collections have increase from time to time but I seemed to unable to squeeze my time out to finish reading them. And that sort of explained my poor English now, lol. Need to brush up my English now, for real.

5. Update my blog as soon as I can. Been procrastinate too much recently and caused my posts had been delaying, will update here more and in facebook too! =P

6. More self improvement in year 2014. I always wanted to learn more and know more people, make more new friends. Hopefully can pick up my study again this year and learn more things such as taking up language course which is something I've been doing now, learning Korean, learn how to put on a full make up, learn how to bake and cook, take up diving course and etc. 

There are actually more I feel like achieving this year but I can't be too rush and must try to achieve one by one. How about you guys? What's your new year resolution? =) Try not to set too much and hard-to-fulfill targets as you might feel bad when you can't achieve them. 

And once again, Happy New Year! Hope everyone have a better and greater year ahead! =) Don't lose hope and have faith in yourself. Things might not come in as the way we want them to, but try to make the best of everything you have! Cheers! 

Haha, just took some random selfie for 2014 when I was bored just now. Till then, annyeong. Xoxo, Phoebe. :) 

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  1. Long time no see you blog! I enjoy reading your blog during year 2014