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~ Cafe Hunting : 49 Seats @ Outram Park ~

"49 seats? Why only 49 seats? Is it really only 49 seats they have? Where's the extra one?" Blah blah blah, that's what my friends, Xinru and HuiMin asked when we got there. Haha, it was both of their last day in my workplace, therefore we decided to have a dinner date together! ( And since when it has become a trend to hang out on your last day?! Lol!)

And once again, they asked me to decide where to go since I'm the one who love to hunt for nice food and always go dig around where to go. No doubt that recently I'm hooked to this blog that introduce all the nice cafes in Singapore! Go check out her blog, is really awesome! OK, NOT THE MAIN POINT ONCE AGAIN. Haha, so I decided to go to this cafe called 49 seats since I got friends who also went there before.

The outer look of 49 Seats

This cafe is actually located somewhere very near to Outram Park mrt station, about 5-10 mins walk then can reach already. But guess what?
It took us around 40 mins to figure out where exactly it is! We even use a google map to get directions but we just seems to can't get it right! Such a nightmare, we almost gave up, haha! 49 seats is actually located at Kreta Ayer Road, and it's just behind an Indian temple. 

We only got there around 9+ if I'm not mistaken. We were unable to get seats inside the cafe so they arranged us to sit outside. I don't really like it cuz the chair and the table they put at outside of the cafe is just a bit too high and not comfy to sit with. (Should've taken photos and show you guys!)  Luckily HuiMin went to request to placed us in whenever there were seats available inside!

The interior of the cafe was quite comfy and with unique decorations and stuffs. A few pics to let you guys take a sneak peek of how it looks like! :)

View from the entrance of the cafe!

I kinda like how their menu is! The menu is like those very very old books, I mean, the quality of the paper, haha! And what's good about this place is the prices of the food and drinks here definitely is affordable, not pricey! This is how the menu looks like : 

Not forgetting what we will do while we were waiting for our food, 
picture taking time! xD 

Me looks like such a happy girl who able to
find a place she wants, haha! xD

A swam of fishes besides me, suits me, cuz I'm a Pisces gal, lol.
*I know it doesn't make sense, haha!*

Me and HuiMin, love her laughs for just hearing it,
you will can't help but feel happy too! =D

When we intended to take a pic of three of us, the food has just arrived! The first to arrive was my coffee! (Can't escape much for a coffee lover like me! xD) The coffee was served in a nice plate and comes in a quite big cup with two little cookies!! 
Black coffee serves with a shot glass of milk, 3 sugar cubes and 2 cookies!
*I was hoping the coffee comes with latte art, but it didn't! :(*

Haha, photo boomed by Xinru's "Love-Shaped" fingers!
Not long after my coffee was being served, our food has came also. Me and Xinru ordered the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta while HuiMin ordered the Smoked Duck Pasta
Smoked Duck Pasta!

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta!
I must said that the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta that I ordered is a must try! I really love how the sauce tastes and it's a bit sour-spicy but not very spicy, suits for those who can't eat too spicy food person! And even though the serving is not really big but is just nice for me. The seafood that they put in the pasta have prawns, mussel, and "la-la" I guess? Not sure whether it is "la-la" or not but it seems like it is, lol!

As for the Smoked Duck Pasta, I wasn't that sure of how it tasted since I never tried but according to HuiMin, the pasta tasted not bad and it was served in those creamy cheesy sauce! Smell quite nice though! She likes it probably because she is a creamy sauce pasta fan, haha!

At first we intended to try out the cheese fries there but unfortunately, the waiter told us that they were unavailable anymore! :( Probably because we were a bit late already, or maybe the cheese fries is a popular demand there, haha. Nevermind, gonna try it next time when I pay a visit to there again. Besides the cheese fries, all the light bites on the menu were actually unavailable also, guess it's really fate to order dessert huh? Lol! But then the waiter told us the brownie also not available anymore, omg, disappoint much! So finally we choose the waffles with 2 scopes of ice cream topping.

Waffles! Don't you just love how the chocolate
spreading over the waffle? Slurpssss time! xD
If you noticed, there is maple syrup comes together with the waffles, if you are a fan of sweet thing, then the maple syrup is certainly an add-on to it! But seriously, having whipped cream on it was super duper sinful! Oh wells, as you know, nice food is always the most sinful one, and what's worst is I can't resist the temptation of it! Always feel guilty and sorry to my body since I hardly workout nowadays, lol. After food and desserts session, photo taking definitely was the last but not least thing to do! xD

Ok, we were quite "serious" looking in the first pic....

Then we decided to pose differently, haha!

That HuiMin keep saying that she is not
those "act-cute" ppl, haha!

And the three of us ended up posing like nobody's business! xD
It was a great night out with you girls, and can't believe it had come to your last day already. So gonna miss all the fun, laughters and gossips that we shared! xP I feel young when I'm around you all, haha. And really must keep in touch and hang out together more often even though we all no longer worked in the same place. It's fun to explore new places together, haha, a quite terrible experience huh? xD 

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

49 Seats

49 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089007

P/S : Here's a little tips for you all to find this 49 seats from Outram Park mrt. Once you alight at Outram Park mrt (since it's an interchange, go to the green line side, not the purple line side), looked for exit B, which you will see Kreta Ayer CC on the signboard, then through exit B you will walk along a sheltered pavement. Then you will be in Pearl's Centre, after that there will be a traffic light in front, cross the road then you will see the road sign "Kreta Ayer", and you will be able to see Oriental Plaza on your left and an Indian temple on your right, 49 seats is just opposite the Oriental Plaza! Don't turn into the street behind the row of shophouses, which is the Hotel 1929 there, you will come to this "Keong Saik Road", which is wrong and that was what we do that time, lol!

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