Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~ A Coincident Cafe Bumping : Commune Cafe ~

Hey everyone! Sorry for didn't update this little blog of mine for some times as I was off for holidays! xD Teehee, not vacations even though as much as I hoped for, but I was off to Ipoh, yes, back to my hometown to enjoy a few days there. Well, definitely will blog about what I've done for these few short days, not forgetting about all the nice food I've tried also! So do looking forward to that, haha! xD

I'm going to share with you all about this new cafe that I tried before I went off for my holidays! :) I did heard of this Commune Cafe before, or rather, saw the review of it from this cafe hopping blog. But yet I still don't quite sure of its location or where exactly it is. I only knew that this cafe located inside Millenia Walk but the bad news is, I have no idea where is Millenia Walk, lol. *Pls forgive me cuz there are still quite many places I don't know in Singapore even though I've been here for two years. Paiseh Paiseh! =P*

So this day I was supposed to meet up with Alice and her husband at Marina Square in City Hall, cuz I got some errands to run so just a short meet up for late lunch. As we were walking around inside Marina Square, it happened that we suddenly spotted this Millenia Walk! Haha, what a coincident huh? xD

It's just located behind Marina Square! Omg, I can't believe it! I used to hang out in Marina Square quite often and I didn't even realised that Millenia Walk is just behind! Shall I called this a coincident or just fate?! xD *Sounds like I watched too much dramas, lol.*

The menu, but too far already, can't see clearly, lol.

Almost the whole part of the cafe is located outside and only the counter part remains inside. Their seatings are located at the connecting bridges inside the mall, which is something quite unique and different. =) And for those who are looking for a place with less crowd and more quieter, Commune Cafe definitely is a good choice. You can asked a few best pals of yours to come here and do some gossiping, lol! =P

Major part of the cafe is located at the connecting
bridges, pardon my lame photo. :(

As the place, or more like the mall itself wasn't that crowded, so it's quite easy for us to find a nice seating place! xD Then Alice's husband sat there waiting while me and Alice went to the counter to take our orders. Guess what?! The prices of the coffee and tea here really surprised me! Hahaha, guess most of you must be wondering is it very pricey and expensive? NO! Totally NO! Surprise surprise... In fact, their prices can be said quite cheap, lol. If you are considering going for some coffee and cakes(Reviews from cafehopping blog regarding their cakes is quite good! =)) in a more economic way, Commune Cafe certainly is one of the highly recommended places to go! xD

I love how they put up this corner, made you feel
comfy and feel like at home! =))

We only ordered drinks since we just had our lunch not that long ago, stomach not enough space for desserts. T.T What a waste! Nevermind, it's just giving me another good excuse for visiting this cafe again! xD *When you wanna do something, you'll always find the reason to do it! Good example here huh? =P*

Drinks of the day! :)

Pic with instagram effect looked so nice!

This is the iced chocolate that shared by Alice
and her husband! :)

I really really fall in love with the latte art they made!
It's just looks so nice right?! xD *definitely not bias*

Haha, just now the cookies was hidden behind the cup,
that's why I took another pic of it with the cookies! xP

Keep taking pic of my cup of cappuccino! !  Do you noticed what's the
difference of the cappucino after I've took so many shots of  it! xD

My cappuccino tasted average, not super appealing to me but I really really like the latte art! =)) And as for the ice chocolate ordered by Alice, which she shared the drink with her hubby, commented that it tasted not that chocolaty, not super sweet so she didn't really like it. But as for those who love drinks that is not that sweet, this might be your choice.

My companion of that day - Alice! *Her husband also
there but there is no pic taken :( *

P/S : Will defintely come again to try out their cakes and grab some coffee at economic price! xD

Commune Cafe

9 Raffles Boulevard 
Millenia Walk #02-50
Singapore 039596


  1. Hi Phoebe,

    We're heartened to know that you enjoyed you time with us; thanks for the rave reviews! We hope to see you again!

    -The Commune Team

    1. OMG, it was utterly my pleasure to get to blog about this cafe! Haha, thanks, will definitely come and try the cakes here! :)