Thursday, August 1, 2013

~A Contradicting Day Of Food Hunting @ Lavender~

It was an impromptu dinner whereby my friend initially was only asking out for a "yum-cha" session, then it just turned out to be a food hunting since the other friend of mine, Mandy saying that she wanna brought us to try the famous prawn mee in lavender area.

This prawn mee is located inside Lavender Food Square, probably one of those places you would least expected to find good food. But this prawn mee also recommended by Miss Tam Chiak, you can check out from her blog, which is also how Mandy found out about this prawn mee.

The prawn mee isn't that expensive, only 5 dollars each and they got a few different kind of servings. They have prawn mee+scallop, prawn mee+pork ribs or prawn mee+pigtails. And of course I chose the prawn mee+scallop! :)
I love this prawn mee cuz their soup is great, sweet but not overwhelming and the prawns is fresh and quite big! xD

After dinner we start to wonder where should we go next for our second round? And of course is "google" time, haha! Surprisingly we found out that there is one Antoinette Cafe nearby! I've heard of this cafe for quite some time and didn't get to try it and I only thought that there is only one in Orchard. So we decided to go to this Antoinette @ Penhas road since we were nearby.

It's just a few streets away from the Lavender Food Square, which is also a few mins walk from Lavender MRT station, not that hard to find. The first look of it is : Oh my god, the cafe is just so nice! Looks quite atas also, haha. 

So we settled ourselves down and can't wait to try their desserts! :) We decided to order different kind of desserts so that we can shared and tried out each other one. (Try to make our stayed more worth! :P) Me and Mandy ordered the cakes from the counter there (cuz the cakes is not inside their menu, you need to order separately) and Weng Leong ordered ice-cream. 

Macarons! xD

Strawberry Short Cake! I found that this short
cake taste normal only, if compared to the Antoinette!
After sampling the sugary snacks, of course not forgetting my favourite -- COFFEE of all time! xD I ordered a cappuccino while Mandy ordered the "Queen" - Antoinette. The reason why she ordered this is because : Must try the "Queen" since we already in here! Lol!

My cup of cappuccino! :D

This is the "Queen" - Antoinette! You need to pour quite certain amount of milk
into it to get the right taste. But once you got the taste right, this drink is nice!!

This is how the menu looks like :

I really love the ambiance here. Got the atas feel right?!  

And of course, last but not least, my companion for that night! :)

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Albert Street Prawn Noodles
380 Jalan Besar, Lavender Food Square, #01-10

Antoinette - Penhas Road
30 Penhas Road, 208188


  1. How's the prawn mee? No mention of the taste for the rest of the food/drinks. :)

    1. Hi wisesim, omg, it's only come to my realisation when you mentioned that I didn't comment about the food and drinks! >.< Shall update it later! :) And yeah, the prawn mee taste good! I love the soup, it tastes sweet but won't overwhelming the whole taste of it! The prawns they served is fresh and quite big! =D