Sunday, January 26, 2014

~ Cafe Hunting : Group Therapy & Quarter To Three @ Tanjong Pagar ~

Tucked away on the 2nd storey of a shophouses in Duxton Hill, Group Therapy Cafe provides space to allow groups to gather and seek respite in the heart of CBD (Central Business District) area. The group therapy cafe endeavor to live by the mantra of providing bespoke experiences for anyone who seeks a place away from the daily grind. =)

Know the existence of this cafe from other cafe hoppers' blog and when my friend, Mandy asked me whether I wanna go and try the place out or not, I immediately said yes of course! xD This cafe located at Duxton Hill, which is somewhere behind the famous 2D1N Soju Bang Korean BBQ restaurant. Now sounds more easy to find out this cafe right? xD

If you didn't do enough "research" a.k.a. homework before you start your cafe hunting, you might missed out the place! =O You will see a sign board indicates that the group therapy cafe is located on the 2nd storey of a row of shophouses, to make sure you able to find the place, haha! =P

The whole environment of the cafe is very "woody" and kinda retro feeling. It's quite spacious inside and you can find cozy sofa seatings inside too! =) But I didn't get to take many photos around, paiseh! >.<

Mandy ordered herself a non-caffeinated drink, Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) (SGD 4). Haha, kinda clueless about what drink is it right? Especially when we saw blood orange besides the name of the drink. It was actually a kind of sparkling juice. =)

The aranciata rossa a.k.a blood orange taste amazingly refresh and chilling! xD It had the refreshing feeling of a carbonated drink but with a fruity finish. =) For those who preferred something non-caffeinated drinks, they have other choices such as fruit juices, hot chocolates, wine and etc.

And as for me (ok, bet most of you will surely know what I will order right? =P), of course my choice will always be coffee! xD I ordered the Cappuccino (SGD 5.50) to try out.

The simple love shaped latte art was so mood lifting and it definitely won my heart before I gave it a taste. (But I'm not bias hor!) The cappuccino is a decent cup of coffee but the flavour wasn't strong enough. I know I'm such a high demander when comes to coffee but this coffee really not strong in flavour at all. =(

After enjoyed a few sips of this cup of aromatic cappuccino, my food has arrived. Thank god it didn't take that long for the food to be served or else my coffee will be finish by then, haha! I ordered the Poached Eggs (SGD 15) from their all day breakfast menu. =)

I really love this poached eggs as it's not just pleasantly looking, but the taste was awesome! xD It was stacked on top of a thick, fluffy toast with smoked salmon and gruyere (a kind of cheese) and hollandaise sauce. One of the must try when you pay a visit to Group Therapy! =)

Mandy ordered the Croissants & Scrambled Eggs (SGD 12). It's a petit butter croissant & bacon croissant with scrambled eggs. The dish was so eye-catching when it was served!

But unfortunately it was such a big disappointment as the taste of the plate turned out not as fantastic as how it looked. =( The croissants were dry and too hard, the scrambled egg taste plain and the salad taste alright only. Such a disappointment as Mandy told me that her friend recommended how good their croissants were.

She could hardly finished her food so we went to hunt something else after we finished first round here. Since we were in Tanjong Pagar, she wanted to bring me to try out the famous "Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice" in Maxwell Food Centre. But unfortunately the stall has closed by the time we reached there, so we went to hunt for something else instead. (She tried to push the blame to me cuz whatever we wanna tried on that day also closed, lol!)

After strolled on the street for a while, we finally decided to settle in ourselves at Quarter To Three. This one definitely was an impromptu one as we really didn't know about this cafe at all. But we were kinda attracted by the menu displayed outside, lol. =P

The designs of the cafe is simple but with cute decorations and colourful blackboard menu. The menu of Quarter To Three is mainly sandwiches and desserts. For anyone who is looking for typical all day breakfast menu, guess you all need to find somewhere else.

Sadly speaking, apart from unable to try the Hainanese chicken rice, Mandy thought that she could get her french fries fix here as she was craving for it badly, but this place they don't offer any fries, lol! (This makes her more convinced that it was all because of me. Of course not! Just a coincidence only ok! >.<)

From what I saw was they actually have a wide selection of cakes, so for those who wanna enjoy high tea moment or just have some desserts, quarter to three is the place for you. =)

After looking at the menu for a while, we decided to order the Tiramisu (SGD 8.90). The tiramisu was meltingly soft but the alcoholic taste wasn't strong enough. But overall it still can be considered a good tiramisu. But so far the best tiramisu I had is at L'Atelier Tiramisu, their tiramisu really up to standards. =)

All in all, Group Therapy is a nice place to hang out and enjoy their all day breakfast menu, but the price there is quite expensive though. And Quarter To Three is a place for you to enjoy a tea time solely and if you are looking for places for some alone time, Quarter To Three will be the right place since not much crowd there. =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe! :)

Group Therapy

49, Duxton Road,
#02-01, Singapore 089513.

Quarter To Three

88, Tanjong Pagar Road,
Singapore 088509.

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