Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~ Second Gathering With The Xuejis @ Yomenya Goeman & TWG ~

I know I should be writing my Christmas post now but I must get a few posts done first before I write that one. Still quite in holiday mood now, feel quite lazy to write, and been going out quite often recently (had a few Christmas dinner lately, will update soon. xD), that's why I don't have much time to sit still and complete my post. (Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way... Haha, I missed Christmas! =P)

Anyway, after my first gathering with my Xue Ji fellows last time at Pique Nique, Kah Seng arranged another XueJi outing. But with more people this time round although some of them unable to turn up due to their personal matters, but we always looking forward to our next gathering. =)

Yomenya Goemon, a Japanese spaghetti house, where they cook the spaghetti in a Japanese way is the venue of our second gathering that night. =) There are a few outlets of Yomenya Goeman and we went to the Marina Bay Link mall that one.

And FYI, the Marina Bay Link mall is NOT the shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, which was something that we mistaken and took us quite a while to figure out the exact location of the Marina Bay Link mall. This Marina Bay Link mall is actually located inside the Marina Bay Financial Centre.

"Enjoying Spaghetti with Chopsticks" is their slogan. Their menu comprises of Japanese and Western style spaghetti, and some famous Japanese desserts like souffle. A small cup of soup is served before our spaghetti arrived.

Both me and Jetlee ordered the same thing, the Tomato Carbonara (SGD 13.50). The appearance of our carbonara is definitely eye catching, with the super tempting eye yolk in the middle. xD

The tomato carbonara was flavourful but too much cheese was being put inside the spaghetti, which caused the taste of cheese overwhelmed the taste of tomato sauce. You will feel "full" even though you haven't finish the whole plate. >.<

Raymond and Liuyeu both ordered the Cream Carbonara (SGD 13.50) and the Cream Smoke Chicken (SGD 14). (I didn't remembered who ordered what already, lol. >.<) I didn't tried their spaghetti out so can't write the review for it, lol.

But judging for the pictures you can tell that the spaghetti is definitely creamy enough and they did put in quite many ingredients into the dish. =)

Kah Seng was the only one who ordered their set menu. (Big stomach he got there. xD) He ordered the Half & Half Set A (SGD 20.90) which consists tomato sauce spaghetti with basil & mozzarella and cream sauce spaghetti with crab, shrimp & scallop. Sounds like quite a lot right?

This is the tomato sauce spaghetti with basil & mozzarella, I think they put cheese for every plate of spaghetti. =)

And this is the cream sauce spaghetti with crab, shrimp & scallop. I don't know how the spaghetti taste but I did "stole" one of the prawns from it, haha! *smirk* The prawn is fresh and yummy! xD

The dessert that served along with the set is a cheese cake. The cheese cake not that cheesy in taste and not very moist in texture. It comes with a scoop of ice cream and strawberries too. =)

Took some pictures before we left the place to continue our second round! xD

Finally, finally, finally!!! I went to TWG for the first time! Been wanted to try this place out but can't seemed to find a proper chance, haha. Since we were very near to Marina Bay Sands, so we just went to the TWG there! xD

When the waiter passed us two "booklet", I was quite puzzled. Cuz one is menu, and the other one is tea book. After I flipped through the tea book then only I knew that it gives a brief description of the tea selections they got and help you to make a better choice of what you wanna drink. Super thoughtful! =)

Jetlee and Kah Seng ordered themselves a pot of tea while Liuyeu ordered some macaroons to share. Got mint macaroons, matcha macaroons, napoleon macaroons, lemon macaroons and passion macaroons. (All SGD 2 each) I must said that the macaroons here are nice and not too sweet!! Which is something to my preferences. xD

I ordered the 1837 Tea Set (SGD 19) to try the whole high tea set. This tea set allows you to choose one of the TWG tea from their extensive tea list, a choice of 2 homemade scones or muffins served with TWG tea jelly and whipped cream OR 1 pattisserie from their trolley.

Scones is one of the must-have when you are enjoying high tea, therefore I decided to choose the scones instead of muffins. But I was kinda disappointed with the scones as they are too dry. The taste is good but too dry, I don't fancy pastries with too dry texture. =(

But I'm totally in love with the tea jelly and the whipped cream that served together with the tea set!! xD They taste SUPER GOOD!! Not being exaggerate but the whipped cream is smooth and light, and the jelly is soft and not too sweet. Love these two items to the max! xD

As for my tea of choice, I really have no idea what to drink as I'm not a tea-person (yes, I bet the whole world know I'm a coffee-person, lol!), so I choose the Jasmine Queen Tea for my tea set. I was expecting something more "heavy taste" tea but the jasmine queen tea taste a bit plain to me. >.<

Not forgetting their super beautiful and elegant tea pot!! My favourite as it's shiny and able to reflect image like a mirror, haha! =P Can't help but took a few selfie shots with it, hehe.. xD

Really had so much fun on that night with great companies! =) Talked a lot of nonsense, how's our life here and our memories in Xuejis. =) Kah Seng, let's arrange our next gathering soon! xD

For those who want a taste of Japanese style spaghetti, Yomenya Goeman definitely is the place for you. For those who wanna enjoy a moment of "Tai Tai' life, TWG is the best place to go! xD

I promise my Christmas post will be up soon so do looking forward to it! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Yomenya Goeman

Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Bay Financial Center,
8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-03,
Singapore 018981.


Can easily find in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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