Sunday, January 5, 2014

~ An Affordable Yet Quality French Cuisine @ Saveur ~

Yes, like a finally! Finally I got the chance to dine in Saveur! xD For those who has been reading my blog, sure know why is like a finally to me. Oh wells, wanted to go last time but we ended up at this J K Don, haha! And this time round also with the same people just lack of Alice. >.<

Photo credits to Saveur's facebook
This time round we chose a weekend to go, since weekend is a more suitable timing for all of us instead of a weekday. Saveur got two outlets and the one we went is the main one, which is located at Purvis Street, somewhere near to Bugis and Bras Basah.

Even though we reached there before 6, but there were quite a lot of people queuing already. Judging from these phenomenon you can tell how popular Saveur is. >.< Luckily there was still seats available for three of us when the shop opened. (If you want to get your seats for dinner please come by before 6pm as their second operation hours start from 6pm)

Saveur menu comprises of starters, mains, desserts and beverages, each categories with delectable choices of items to choose from. =) The most important thing is all the prices ranges from SGD 4.90 - 24.90, definitely considered quite cheap for a decent French cuisine. xD

After discussed for a while, we decided to order the Saveur's Pasta (SGD 6.90). This pasta initially is SGD 4.90 only, then the waiter asked whether we wanna up-sized the pasta or not, since the portion of food here is quite small, so we agreed. 

I must said that even though their pasta is cheap but is 10 times better than the one I had in Pastamania! Sorry to say that but I really don't fancy the pasta from Pastamania. The Saveur's pasta smells good and flavourful, the dried prawns that added onto it goes well with the taste of the pasta. =)

The whole plate was just so colourful and so eye-pleasing! Do you noticed that the pasta was in roll-alike shape? I saw the chefs roll the pasta using a big fork-like utesil and it required pretty much of skills there.

I know that many people who visit Saveur will most order their duck confit, but I was craving for some beef that day (believed me, I had a hard time to decide on which one should I eat, haha!) so I ordered the Beef Bourguignon (SGD 16.90). 

The Beef Bourguignon is actually a beef short rib braised in red wine with root vegetables, meslun salad and potato au gratin. The potato was soft and a bit crunchy, not those mash potato that we had usually. Oh god, I really love how the beef taste! xD The meat was tender and blend well with the sauce, and it drives you want for more! xD

The beef short rib definitely braised in red wine and they didn't cook it until well done. (A level of where a steak can be cooked, from rare, medium to well done) You can tell from the colour of the meat when you cut it into half. =)

Edwin ordered himself the Chicken Roulade (SGD 9.90). It is a roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce with creamy basmati rice and parmesan sauce. =)

The shape of the chicken roulade may looked a bit odd but trust me, you will definitely fall in love with it! It taste as pleasing as how it looked! xD What surprised my taste buds more is the creamy basmati rice (yes, the yellowish thing at the bottom is actually the rice!), it's creamy enough and it's just so delicious! xD

I guessed the only disappointment of the night was the Poulet (SGD 16.90) ordered by Li Ting. As we were expecting it was a dish similar to the French style roast chicken that served in Poulet (a name of the restaurant here), you can imagined our face when the dish was being served. It is a pan roasted chicken breast with honey garlic miso butter served with "hot slaw" and truffle mash.

They said "Don't judge a book by its cover", so we were thinking maybe the taste should be not bad cuz what both me and Edwin had so far were quite good. Unfortunately it's a NO, it got this soury taste and caused the whole chicken taste weird. Maybe it's some sort of French style sauce but we really couldn't appreciate it. >.<

How could we missed the desserts here when dining in a French restaurant? xD So we ordered the Creme Brulee (SGD 6.90). The flavour of the day is Matcha flavour. 

The matcha creme brulee had a meltingly soft and sweet custard base with crispy hard caramel layer on top, it's definitely heaven on the spoon! =) The creme brulee also decorated with a few mixed berries on top, which makes the dessert looked even more attractive. =)

After our sumptuous dinner at Saveur, we went for a walk before we headed for some drinks. xD As we passed by the streets, we spotted a few beautiful Christmas tree! =) 

Last but not least, a group picture of three of us! =) Really glad that we still able to maintain our friendship till now, hope we can keep the bond strong. Love you guys! xD

All in all, I had a great dining experience in Saveur. If you want a decent French cuisine that won't burn your pocket, I would definitely recommend Saveur for you! xD (Just that the portion of the food might be a bit small, but you can't ask too much right? xD)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)


5, Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04,
Singapore 188584. 

Saveur (Far East Plaza)

14, Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza #01-07B,
Singapore 228213.

P/S: Please note that both outlets also don't accept reservations, so the only thing you can do is go there early to avoid the long waiting hours! =)

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