Tuesday, December 24, 2013

~ A Dinner Date With Madam Kwan + Desserts Date With Max Brenner ~

Wanted to put a date with Madam Kwan after rejected by dear Mr Jamie Oliver as the title of this post, but sounds too odd, haha! Ok, the story is actually like this: Initially I wanna go to Jamie's Italian restaurant but end up the waitress came out and told me we need to wait for 2 hours plus, which is INSANELY LONG!! >.< So end up we gave up and went to Madam Kwan's instead.

Anyway, this is not the main point. The main point is: I finally meet up with my long-time-no-see-friend, Connie! =) Got to know that she just came Singapore to work and been trying to ask her out for quite some time, and finally we made it!! xD So happy to meet an old friend here. =)

We were quite worried that we might need to wait for quite long
at first cuz we know that Madam Kwan is a quite popular restaurant around, but luckily the queue wasn't that long and we got our seats not that long after we reached. xD

The restaurant is quite big and spacious, and the interior already full of Christmas decorations even though December was only just around the corner. (Pardon for the late post but I seriously can't squeeze my time out recently. >.<) We were first lead to a small table as there was only two of us but they changed us to another table after we made our orders. (Haha, what could we have ordered until they need to change us into a bigger table for just the two of us?) *smirk*

While waiting for our food to be served, we took some random photos around and of course, selfie of ourselves! Tried a few times to get the best angle (so that our face don't looked that FAT inside the pic) and this is the best we can get, lol. =P

We ordered ourselves the Ice Lemon Tea (SGD 3.50) to comply with our main course. (Still not gonna reveal what we ordered, lol.) And once again, the ice lemon tea was served along with a syrup. This time we seriously need to add in the syrup as the ice lemon tea was quite tasteless.

Finally, here came our main dish of the night. The waiter who served the dish even asked: "Only the two of you having it?" Hahaha, he must be quite surprised to find that two girls like us have such a big appetite.

Ok ok, I know if I still gonna dragged this thing you all gonna throw me stones already. We actually ordered a Curry Fish Head (SGD 49) to share. It might looked not that big portion, but for two girls like us, it will definitely more than enough. We actually find that it's quite difficult to finish in the end.

Even though Madam Kwan is a restaurant with truly Malaysian cuisine, but as a Malaysian, I personally feel that this dish wasn't that "Malaysian". Cuz a good authentic "Malaysian" curry fish head should taste more spicy and less coconut milk. I feel that they put too much coconut milk inside the curry and too little spices.

Too much of coconut milk will cause the curry lose its curry taste and will taste quite sweet in some way. At first me and Connie were still wondering should go for their must try nasi lemak or something else, or just ordered a curry fish head and shared. After being indecisive for some time, we finally decided on trying the curry fish head. xD

But I had to say that the colour of the dish was appealing and appetizing, and it smell damn good too. xD They also put a lot different ingredients in it. A small reminder for you guys, this dish does not come with any rice, so you need to order rice (SGD 1.50/plate) for it. =)

We took a few more random photos before we head for our second round, haha. xD

After a sumptuous dinner, we decided to have a dessert date with the beloved Max Brenner. =P Was attracted by what the next table customers' order so we decided to try it out also. Even though I feel like trying their frappes, but I eventually changed my mind.

And the name of the drinks that we ordered is quite funny, called Suckao (SGD 7.90) and our choice of chocolate is dark chocolate. It is actually a DIY aka do-it-yourself hot chocolate. It's quite fun I must said! =)

As you can see, there are three items on the tray, which is the container with fire at the bottom, the dark chocolate chips and the warm milk (and yes, the milk is warm, not cold one).

Here's some simple "guide" for you on how to make the suckao yourself. xD
1. Put some of the dark chocolate chips into the hot container. Try to put bit by bit as the container isn't that big, and pour the chocolate chips faster as they will melt easily. (Proven on my pic!)

2. Pour in the warm milk into the container, bit by bit too as not much milk is given. The warm milk will help to melt the dark chocolate chips even faster. =)

3. So you can just adjust the drinks according to your preferences. Maybe drink up a bit first then only continue to put in the rest of the chocolate chips and milk. But be careful, the drink can be quite hot! >.<

And it's time to dig in! Enjoy our cup of self-made hot chocolate! =)

I will try the nasi lemak in Madam Kwan if I'm paying my second visit there. But of course it's a bit pricey I must said. Max Brenner is an ideal place for you to enjoy a cup of sinful chocolate and have a nice chat with your friends. What a great date I had that day! And thanks to my date of the night, Connie too, haha! xD

It's Christmas today so hope everyone have a great time and enjoy! Hohoho, Merry Christmas! (Time for me to go out and enjoy myself with some shopping and eating! xD) Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Madam Kwan's

1 Harbourfront Walk
 #01-155 Vivocity

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-116 Vivocity S(098585)

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