Sunday, December 15, 2013

~ Cafe Hunting : Cafe Melba @ Mountbatten ~

Initially wanted to go to Cafe Melba together with the two who went food hunting in Lavender last time but unfortunately Ah Fui aka Mr. Woo unable to spare his time out due to his coming exam, so me and Mandy decided to go without him! =P (And eventually Mandy's bf joined us for dinner too.)

Hidden away inside the Goodman Arts Centre, Cafe Melba is a cafe that blend influence from Melbourne (Melb) and Asia (A) and offered a delectable menu from delicious food to great coffee, it also serves brunch menu during weekends but please make sure you are there early since they accept NO reservations!

Photo credit to Cafe Melba's facebook page =)

I fall in love with the place as its design is unique and the whole place is housed in a glass building! It is a good place for you to have a short escape from the bustling hectic city. =)

If you want to order cakes, you need to come over to the counter and see what cake is available on that day then only placed your order from there. =) Like the whole rack of wines! xD

While waiting for Mandy's bf to arrive, we ordered a Dark Chocolate Cake (SGD 8) and a Truffle Fries (SGD 13) to feed our growling stomach, haha. The dark chocolate cake was moist and dense, but the taste not that stands out. The cherry (I think so) that serves along with the cake is nice as it is sour and it goes well with the cake. =)

But I must said that I was super disappointed by their truffle fries. The fries tasted weird and smell weird too! And it is not the TRUFFLE fries I'd had before! And kinda oily I must said. Disappointed with it. =(

I ordered myself a cup of the usual, which is the Cappuccino (SGD 5). (What else could I be ordered other than a cup of coffee? xD) Once again, the cappuccino tasted quite normal, nothing too fantastic. Cuz for a good cup of coffee, you can simply enjoy it without any sugar added but this one needs some "enhancement", lol! But luckily got some latte art on it. =P

What makes us laughed for the rest of the night is this drink that ordered by my friend, Mandy. She said she wanted to go for a healthier choice therefore she ordered this fruit juice, Vegan (SGD 8). But judging from the colour of the drink you can hardly tell what's the ingredients inside this cup of healthy drink, haha.

Looks more like a cup of coffee than a juice right? Haha, bet most of you can't tell what's inside. This vegan consists of carrot, beetroot, spinach and celery!! If you asked me how it tastes, I can 100% guaranteed you that this taste super WEIRD and totally not my cup of juice. I'm not a fan of celery, or more like, I don't even eat celery, lol. (I know celery is super good for our body but I just can't accept the smell and taste of it)

After making fun and laughing off with the juice, finally Mandy's bf has arrived. So we quickly make our orders and can't wait to dig in! xD

I ordered a Eggs Benedict (SGD 20) which consists of poached eggs, toasted english muffins, home-cured bacon, roasted cherry vine tomatoes with lemon hollandaise sauce. The whole plate tasted quite decent and I like the bacon most, kinda hard but flavourful. =)

My friend asked me why did I ordered this egg benedict for dinner as it was meant for breakfast or brunch. Haha, told y'all that recently I just can't resist the temptation of the eggs benedicts and just feel like try them out whenever I see it on the menu. Probably because seeing the runny egg yolk lifts my mood up. xD

Mandy ordered the Full Melba Cooked Breakfast (SGD 25) as she feel like give it a try. The melba breakfast has pork sausages, home-cured bacon, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, hash brown, home made toast and scrambled egg.

She didn't fancied the dish as she told me nothing is good except for the mushrooms. I didn't believed her in the first place so I went to try and she was quite right about it. The pork sausages not nice, the toast was a bit too dried and the only thing that taste good is the MUSHROOMS, and I like the baked beans as it wasn't that dry.

I think the BEST dish of that night was the Carbonara (SGD 20) that ordered by Mandy's bf. It doesn't looks that awesome but it taste awesome! =) Not too cheesy and just nice, maybe they should serves it in a bigger portion. xD

Ok, here comes the most disappointed dish of the night (sounds like some sort of award, lol) - the Crayfish Linguini (SGD 27). It was the most recommended dish and got the most votes from online review that we saw, but it turned out to be the worst dish of the night.

It was oily and the linguini was a bit too hard. The crayfish didn't make the dish taste better, and in the end we didn't finish up the pasta. >.<

It's a place with not-so-outstanding-food but I don't mind to come back here for a quiet meal, cuz the ambience here really nice. =) Maybe can drop by during weekend to try their breakfast menu, since it might taste better than other dishes on the menu. 

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Cafe Melba

90, Goodman Road,
Goodman Art Centre Block N #01-56,
Singapore 439053.

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