Sunday, December 8, 2013

~ A Dinner With Desserts Only @ Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe ~

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe, a cafe that located in Jalan Riang at Seranggon is famous for its desserts especially waffles. It is one of the place that I wanted to go but can't seemed to find a chance. Then surprisingly when I was asking my friend, Shernet where should we go for our next meet up, she suggested Wimbly Lu! xD A million YES, of course! I can't wait to explore and try out the desserts there, haha.

Wimbly Lu is much "ulu" than I thought, unless you got a car or cab down there, or else it isn't that easy to find. It located in the middle of some residential area, mind you, is those terrace houses, not HDB, lol. Excitement instantly filled me up once I reached there as I saw the whole cafe already in Christmas decorations! xD I have to admit that Christmas is my favourite festives of all times. =) 

Even the interior of the place also full of Christmas decorations. I love the lights that they put on the ceiling, everything were just so lovely! xD (Things are lovely to me as long as it's related to Christmas, lol.) Wimbly Lu definitely is a very quaint place for you to have some good times with your friends or love one. =)

I had to say that Wimbly Lu is simply a desserts cafe as their menu major in serving desserts while few choices for the savoury menu. So our dinner that night were ALL desserts! Haha, maybe only one is not, but still, that was the first time I had fully desserts as dinner. =P

One of the desserts you wouldn't wanna miss is definitely their signature Rootbeer Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream (SGD 6.00). It was amazing as they put the root beer as the flavour cake which surprisingly it tastes better than I thought. And it was just too shiok when you can had the cake together with the icy-cold vanilla ice cream! xD

We also ordered their Lemon Meringue Pie (SGD 7.00) to try. I must admit that I prefer the one in Penny University even though the crust of the meringue pie here taste better. The lemon meringue pie here is sweeter compare with the one in Penny Uni which is more sour in taste. But the lemon meringue pie in Wimbly Lu is bigger here, haha. =)

The meringue on top is fluffy and well-presented. Many people will mistaken the white part on top is whipped cream, but they are actually made of egg whites and sugar, known as "meringue". =)

Then here came my cup of Cappuccino (SGD 5.00)! How would I forget to get myself a cup of coffee while enjoying all the desserts? =P The cappuccino doesn't looked that appealing but luckily it had a thick layer of foam on top with cocoa powder sprinkled on it. =)

We also ordered the Chocolate Creme Brulee (SGD 5.00) as it is highly recommended by Shernet. She told us that the creme brulee here is very nice so we decided to order one and try. It is very rich in chocolate taste and the top is the typical creme brulee where there is one layer of hard caramel.And the chocolate filling definitely is soft and creamy. xD

The only non-desserts item that we ordered that night was this Cheese Toasty Melts (SGD 5.00). Since there were three of us(Shernet, her sis and me), so we ordered the double one instead of single one. =)

The toasty melts smell good cheesy when it was served but I must said, it's quite a disappointment to me when I had a bite of it. It doesn't taste that cheesy as how it smells, and the whole toast taste quite plain. Probably the cheese didn't melt enough and they didn't put that much of cheese. The bread also kinda dry.

Of course we wouldn't miss out the waffles here since we already came a long way! Wimbly Lu is famous for their waffles and it's definitely one of the must tries when you pay a visit here. Only the Waffles With Ice Cream itself is only cost SGD 8.50, we ordered 2 different flavour ice cream on top with additional SGD 3.00. The waffles also come together with maple syrup.

The waffle here is a thumb up for sure! =) The waffle was soft and fluffy from the inside and crispy on the outside. It was such a heaven on your mouth when you had it together with the ice cream! xD I personally preferred the salted caramel ice cream than the brownie one, it blended well with the taste of the waffle. =)

There was this small, cute looking vintage car parked directly in front of Wimbly Lu. The car probably belongs to the owner as I heard from Shernet that the car is parked all day there. So we went to take some pictures with that cute looking car, hehe. =P

Me, Shernet and her sis Ginett! =)

Me and Shernet! =)

So don't miss out the root beer cake and the waffles if you happened to drop by. Wimbly Lu is a good choice of place for you to get your desserts-fix here. =)

Have a sweet week ahead! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Wimbly Lu (Nearest MRT Station : Lorong Chuan Station)

15-2 Jalan Riang,
Singapore 358987.

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