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~ Living Forever : Death, Burial & Afterlife ~

Seriously, I'm gonna strangled myself if I still didn't blogged about my visit to this exhibition, lol. I went to this mummy exhibition like one month ago? Hahaha, too busy blogging about food and didn't have the time to draft and write about my experience of visiting this mummy exhibition. xD

I'm a person who is quite into exhibition and art gallery stuffs (sounds like I'm such an artistic person, haha! =P) so when I get to know about this mummy exhibition at ArtScience Museum @ Marina Bay Sands, I was enthralled!
Felt like it's something I don't wanna miss, so decided to ask my dongsaeng (younger sister in korean), Jermaine whether she is interested to go for the exhibition too and to my surprised, she agreed!

We arrived at the ArtScience Museum around 3-4 pm then we went to purchase our tickets first. The ticket's price is SGD13 if I'm not mistaken, for Singapore's residents. Before we went inside to buy our tickets, guess what? We camwhored in front of the ArtScience Museum, lol! =P

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

The ticket! And I'm right, it's only SGD13! xD

The exhibition started off with a 3D film inside the theatre first. The 3D film captures the "virtual unwrapping" of the 3,000 year old mummy of Egyptian temple priest Nesperennub, unveiling the story of his life and death, and even have the digital reconstruction of his facial apperance! How cool is that?!

The flyer and the 3D specs for the film!

After the film then only we went into the gallery. The gallery are divided into a few different sections, which is "Life In Ancient Egypt", "Living Forever", "Embalmer's Workshop" and "The Mummy Of Nesperennub".

This is the Offering Table.

I personally like the Embalmer's Workshop the most. =) Because this workshop revealed the scientific process of embalming and the process of mummifying the dead body.

Here is the brief description of the embalming's process :
Day 1 : Purification of the corpse (Removal of organs)
The Brain : Long hook inserted into cranium through nasal cavity, brain smashed & extracted through nostril.
Other Organs : Short incision on the left side of abdomen to remove stomach, intestines, liver & lungs.
Heart keep inside as it was believed to contain the intellect, emotion & feeling.
Then follow by treatment with natron (泡碱脱水)
Final preparation : Body washed with nile water to remove natron. Body cavities packed with linen, sand, sawdust or aromatics. Oils and perfumes rubbed on to soften skin.
Liquefied resin will spread over the entire body to prevent rehydration. Body is ready to be wrapped.

The whole process started from purification of corpse until the stage just now will took approximately 40 days. Until the complete of wrapping the body, which is this mummifying process, will took around 70 days of times. Amazing isn't it? Just that I found that the brain removal process is a bit too "painful". >.< Imagined a bronze hook inserted from your nose to smash your brain, urghhh, this is just too cruel~! @.@

Actually there is a photo taking session before we entered the exhibition, but unfortunately that photo taken cost SGD20 per one! It's a bit too pricey so we decided not to buy it, lol. Luckily we saw this nice background after we came out from the exhibition and end up we just took photos there! xD (Don't have to pay one sure ok! =P)

We also went to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro inside Marina Bay Sands mall to chill since we still got plenty of times! This place is sort of like the "enhanced" version of Coffee Bean with more varieties on their menu! But we only ordered drinks! =)

P/S: Most of the photos of the artefacts displayed are actually took by me secretly, lol. This exhibition didn't allow visitors to take any photos. :( But still, this is an interesting exhibition and you all should really go for it if you got the time! It's not expensive and certainly worthwhile. =) Don't worry, this exhibition is until 4th of November this year! So what are you waiting for?! =D

Before heading down to this exhibition, we actually went for this Kiseki Japanese Buffet @ Orchard Central. I only took a few photos of that buffet so just briefly sharing with you all my dining experience there. =P

Even though it's a japanese buffet, but they offered more than just japanese cuisine! They offered cold seafood, fresh sashimi and sushi, Italian pasta and pizza, blazing hot teppanyaki and robatayaki, chawanmushi, variety of desserts and also western grill! (But sadly, the western grill only available at night! :( ) And it's not expensive and affordable for a buffet, for lunch it costs around SGD19.80++ per person on weekdays and SGD27.80++ on weekends and public holidays!

The first thing that attracted me is the sashimi there! All the sashimi they offered are in thick slice and definitely very fresh! I just simply can't resist the temptation! *drooling* haha, I took A LOT, until Jermaine also said I've gone crazy over sashimi, hahaha~!

See? The salmon they offered surely are a lot
and come in with a lot of different flavours! =D

I know I'm crazy, don't underestimate the amount of sashimi
inside this small plate! And you can noticed the slices are thick?xD

One of my favourite food from the buffet is this swiss dish made from potatoes called Rosti, thanks to Jermaine's recommendation! It's crispy and taste even nicer with the sauce! It's definitely a must-try when you are having buffet in Kiseki! xD

And here is the pic of some other food that I tried on that day. (Photos apparently not in a very good quality since all were taken using my Iphone 4S, hopefully will get myself a camera soon!)

As for a dessert person like me, how could I forget to take desserts? Definitely will try the desserts there and satisfied my sweetooth~! xD

Small cakes, pudding and ice-ceam!

I really think that Kiseki is a good choice if you are looking for a pocket friendly and offered a wide variety of food in a buffet! It's located at Orchard Central level 8 and mind you, if you are going there on a weekend do make reservation first! Or else you need to wait for an hour or so! *sweat*

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe! :)

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