Saturday, September 7, 2013

~ Cafe Hunting : Symmetry Cafe ~

It was on a Saturday afternoon where me and my friends just finished lunch at Lavender Food Square. This place sounds familiar right? Haha, yeah again, we went there for the prawn mee there since I promised Jermaine to bring her and tried it out, together with her cousin. =) Anyway, we decided to go for somewhere to chill and I suggested to go to this Symmetry Cafe that I saw from this cafe hopping blog.

The Symmetry Cafe located somewhere in between Lavender and Bugis, more accurately, it is located at the Jalan Kubor, opposite Santa Grand Hotel Bugis. It is a super "indie" cafe, it just gives you the indie feel, be it on the looking or the style of the cafe.

This is how their menu look like, pretty simple and short and sweet? Lol~

Other than the word "indie", it's really kinda hard for me to find another word to describe this whole place. The decorations with brick walls and dim lights made a comfy feel to it, and you will pretty much feel cosy here and definitely is a good place to spend your weekend! =)

The animal version of the "Last Dinner"? Lol.

Really really sorry about the poor photos of mine, cuz it was too crowded by the time we reached the place and it was very hard for me to take a good pic of the inside. But trust me, you gonna love it once you stepped your foot inside, with such cosy and nice ambience! =)

Since we already had our lunch not long ago, so our stomach were still quite full for something heavy. End up we just ordered drinks and one waffle to share. You know it's very hard to resist the temptation of dessert right? =P

Love it when they served the waffles with fresh fruits and esp.
my favourite peanut butter and nutella! xD

Forgot the name of this drink but it's definitely cooling
& refreshing! Most important, not something too sweet!

This is the mocha that I ordered, not very fascinating but taste not bad,
noticed the straw? It's the same metal straw that Max Brenner used!

Love it Love it! I just love the latte art on the cappuccino and of course,
the gingerman cookies! So cute isn't it?! xD

I know I know... took too many shots of the cappuccino, just can't help! xD And don't you just love the tiny little gingerbread man besides the cup? It's super duper cute! Hahaha, and it also cheer up my day and lifted my mood, somehow. =) Not forgetting my companion of that day, Jermaine and her lovely cousin~! =D

Overall I would said that Symmetry Cafe definitely a good place for you to spend your lazy weekends and even have some good brunch! Or simply just come here and have some enjoyable time gather with your friends or family, with the whole "Indie" feel and great food with good service, surely I will definitely will pay another visit in future! =)

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Symmetry Cafe

9 Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199206.

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