Saturday, September 21, 2013

~ A Lovely Afternoon Brunch @ Kith Cafe (Park Mall) ~

I know I've been a cafe-craze person recently (or maybe all along I am. xD), probably due to I've been reading too much food blogs which all featured DAMN NICE food!! Urghh, they all just got the power to makes me drool~~~~ *wiping my mouth now, lol!*

If you are looking for a place to spend your lovely weekend's morning or have a pleasing brunch, Kith Cafe is no doubt quite a good choice! =) But mind you, better go early or else you might need to wait for quite a while cuz this cafe is definitely more crowded than you thought!

A small reminder here for those of you who never visit this cafe before, you must write down your name and leave your contact no. at the note book they provided on the door, cuz they don't go by first come first serve this rule, lol.
And me and Alice only found out about it after we waited for quite some times!! >.< I really think that the waiter should give their customers a kind reminder so that first-time comers like us won't waited there and knowing nothing about it!

The cafe is considered much more spacious compared with other cafes since most of the seating are at alfresco area, but I wasn't able to take a pic of it and show you guys here! :( Even though the alfresco area might be a bit hot due to the weather, but still, I love the chillax mood there! xD

I ordered a Big Breakfast (SGD 16.50) which consists of smoked bratwurst, grilled tomato, mushrooms, bacon, scrambled egg and multigrain bread.  The portion is big and the taste is not bad, but I should've changed my multigrain bread into some other toast, cuz it's just too hard and dry. =( 

What's good about their big breakfast is you can choose your choice of eggs (be it poached, sunny side up, or blah blah blah) and your choice of toast (brioche, sourdough, white, etc.)

As for Alice, since she said she already eaten something before we met up, so she ordered the Grilled Ham and Cheese Toast (SGD 8.00). The lovely thing about this dish is it even came with a small bowl of grapes!
Alice said she likes how the toast tasted and most of all, she really likes the idea of serving the grapes with the toast, haha!

Salt and Pepper ~

And of course, how could a much coffee-addicted person like me will forget to order myself a cup of coffee? Haha, and this time instead of cappuccino or mocha that I usually ordered, I chose the Flat White (SGD 4.00) instead. The latte art on it really really surprised me a lot!!

Unlike the usual latte art which is the heart shaped they made, mine was a bear! The taste of my cup of Flat White wasn't weak nor strong, the coffee taste just nice! =)

Flat White ~

Kith Cafe

9, Penang Road,
#01-01E, Park Mall,
Singapore 238459.

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. =)

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