Sunday, September 29, 2013

~ A Chillax Afternoon @ Vanilla Bar & Cafe ~

Thanks to the new weekly one hour off thing in my company, I've finally got this chance to try out this Vanilla Bar & Cafe which just located somewhere near my office. Saw my colleague paid a visit to this cafe and am attracted by their signature dessert - The Vanilla Dirt Cake! So since I got two hours lunch break, why not just fully utilized my time and try it out? xD

Tucked in a quaint shophouse in a quiet corner of Boon Tat street, Vanilla Bar & Cafe provides delectable Japanese fusion comfort food, premium coffee and serves as a cocktail bar in the evenings. The interior of the cafe has a strong japanese influence, surprisingly..
Since I'm expecting something more "westernized"? lol

I also love how the menu looks like! At the first look it really looked like a small lovely notebook that you would carry around! xD

Menu ~

They even have this durian creme brulee which I think I don't mind trying the next time I go there. But for now, I just wanna tried their Vanilla Dirt Cake, haha. And it's really really amazed us when the cake was being served, a big thumbs up for their creativity!! 

Vanilla Dirt Cake ~

For those who have been wondering, and yes you never see wrongly! This is no doubt the signature Vanilla Dirt Cake, and the cake was served in a flower pot-liked container! Interesting isn't it? xD 

And that two worms on it? OH MY! Haha.. no la, they were actually candy, lol. The oreo crushed that topped on the dirt cake is to replicate the soil, and it definitely tasted well together with cake. The cake was so soft and with it served in icy cold texture, I can just called the eating and digging is shiok! =P

What comes best with desserts? I know I know, all of you already can guessed it's my favourite, coffee. If not, what else can it be? xD I ordered a cappuccino for myself and Jermaine ordered herself a vanilla latte. =)

Cappuccino ~

Vanilla Latte ~

I'm a person who really like the foam on top of coffee, haha. I love how the foam taste and it just bring out the feel of drinking a cup of coffee. Hmm... too indulged in my own world now, lol. xD

It is really a nice place to hang out and having some chat with your friends especially in the afternoon. I heard they served quite nice western food too! Shall give it a try when I pay the second visit. But the Vanilla Dirt Cake definitely is a highly recommended food there! =) 

Enjoy the digging! Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Vanilla Bar & Cafe (MRT Station: Raffles Place)

3 Boon Tat St, 
Singapore 069612

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