Tuesday, October 1, 2013

~ Old Buddies Gathering @ Hoshino Coffee(星乃咖啡店) ~

Mr. Woo (a.k.a Ah Fui) asked for a short meet up (yum cha) on a Sunday afternoon. Since none of us (four of us actually) intended to travel far, so I suggested to meet in town instead. After a lunch in Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant @ Plaza Singapura, we decided to head for some tea time!

After roaming a while in Plaza Singapura, we finally decided to settle our tea time at this place called Hoshino Coffee, which located at the new extension of Plaza Singapura. Even though it is no longer a new restaurant around, but the queue is still snakingly long! >.<

Hoshino Coffee is well known for its hand dripped coffee and the fluffy souffle pancakes. And I heard that Hoshino Coffee also served good japanese style pasta,
must give it a try during my next visit. I've been to this place twice but only tried their desserts and coffee, lol. >.<

The place is quite spacious and they even have this lovely artificial food set display outside, which all looks pretty tempting and very eye-catching! xD Just looked at these food display already can make you feel hungry!! >.<

See? The place was quite crowded!

Since we already had lunch earlier on, so once again, we only ordered dessert and coffee. I ordered one ice cafe latte and Jacky decided to give their signature hand dripped coffee a try. Ah Fui didn't ordered any drinks cuz he already had two cup of coffee on that day and he said don't want "overdosed", lol!

Menu ~
While we were chatting and gossiping *opps!*, I was attracted by this small device that placed on the table. They didn't have it when I went there the first time. This device was meant for "service-calling", whenever customers need any assistance, they just need to press the button "service" and soon the staffs will approach you. Guess they used this since they always have lot of customers and trying their best to attend to customers' needs. =)

It didn't take a long time for my Ice Cafe Latte (SGD 7.50) to arrive. I love the aluminium cup they used, and it comes with a small tiny cup of syrup! How cute is that! xD I can't said this is the best I've had so far, but the taste is quite ok and the coffee also quite aromatic. =)

Ice Cafe Latte ~
 Jacky ordered the Hoshino Blended Coffee (SGD 5.80) and it comes together with a small tiny cup of milk. As you know, this Hoshino Blended Coffee is the black coffee and it didn't add in any steamed milk. For people who dislike black coffee cuz of their bitter taste, you can add more milk in it. But in that case you can't taste the authentic coffee that ground from the beans.

Hoshino Blended Coffee ~
Last but not least, we ordered the Chocolate Fondant With Softee (a.k.a. chocolate molten lava cake)(SGD 9.80) to share. The cake wasn't that big (of course la, the most is shared by 2 people only, and now is shared by 3 people leh! What are you expecting?! =P), and has a very thick and rich chocolate-taste. *nom nom* 

The most enjoyable thing about eating this cake is when you scooped the cake, the hot chocolate lava inside will oozing out, with the dense and moist of the cake, oh my! what a feast! xD After a taste of hot chocolate, then have another scoop of icy cold vanilla ice cream, this is definitely heaven on a spoon! xD

Ok..so much on the food, then only I realised that we didn't took any photos that day even though it was meant to be old friends' gathering!! -.- Oh wells..guess I just focused too much on the food ald, haha! Shall arrange another gathering and must ask more our old friends joining this time round! =)

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Hoshino Coffee (MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut)

68 Orchard Road #03-84
Plaza Singapura.

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