Saturday, October 19, 2013

~ Truffs - A Hidden Gem In CBD Area ~

Thanks to my office's weekly one hour off recently, I got more opportunities to explore the hidden cafe or makan places around my office area, and Truffs is one of them. I really wouldn't notice this place if I didn't look up for the shophouses on 2nd storey. (Will try to look up more in case I'm going to miss out anymore nice place afterwards. >.<)

A collaboration between Outofstock design studio and Truffs, the Truffs cafe provide customers a space to hide away and savour delectable treats while enjoying the handcrafted designs by Outofstock. The Truffs offered a menu of their signature cakes and truffles paired with gourmet tea and locally roasted coffee.

The Truffs located at the 2nd storey of some shophouses nearby Ahmoy food centre. The cafe is spacious and the interior is quite simple. Simple doesn't mean not nice right? Haha.

There are two parts inside the cafe, one part is where the seatings are, then the other part is the ordering counter, and guess what I saw? The staffs there were actually making the cake themselves! 

We finally decided to have the Truffs Signature Chocolate Cake (SGD 11/slice) even though their earl grey chocolate tart also very tempting! >.< And of course, you all should know already right? Bingo! A cup of Cappuccino (SGD 6) for sure, haha! xD 

Nothing much I wanna commented about the Cappuccino cuz it tasted ok only, not the best I had so far, lol. But the latte art did add on some marks to it! xD BUT, I wanna said that their SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE CAKE is damn good!!! NO JOKE. The chocolate taste is thick and the cake is moist, and what surprised me the most is the bottom layer is crispy!! Yummy-licious!! *Thumbs Up*

If you happened to hang out around CBD area, do give this place a try! I'm sure you will find that Truffs is one of the hidden gem in CBD area! =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe! :)

Truffs (Nearest Mrt: Tanjong Pagar/Raffles Place)

179A, Telok Ayer Street,
Singapore 068627.

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