Monday, October 7, 2013

~ Cafe Hunting : The Coffee Shot @ Lavender ~

This cafe that located somewhere out of the corner in Lavender street caught my eyes when I went for the prawn mee last time. And some of my friends also went to this cafe before but I still didn't get a chance to make a trip there. Just can't seemed to find a proper time I guess..

Finally, the chance came! Took a half day off and asked Jermaine for an impromptu meet up, and bingo~! We decided to go for The Coffee Shot as neither of us wanna travel far. *Oh my, we were just getting more and more lazy! =P*

The cafe is spacious and the interior is quite "classical"? One side of the cafe is more to "home-style", the seatings for this area are sofa, make you feel more like at home. While the other side is typical "cafe-style", with normal wooden tables and chairs as seatings. =)

For coffee fans like me would definitely feel delight cuz they have a good selection of coffee drinks!! xD Don't worry people, they also have a good menu from all day breakfast to entree (main dish of the meal), so you can either go there for a meal or drink! =)

The best thing about this cafe is they provide free wi-fi and NO GST and SERVICE CHARGE!!! Not bad right.. =P I personally quite like how the cafe decorated, comfy and make you feel like at home, you just don't feel like leaving, haha! *maybe I'm just too lazy, lol*

After looking through the menu for a while, me and Jermaine decided to try their Smoked Salmon On Toast (SGD 14.90). Just seeing the name already can make me drooling! xD The smoked salmon on toast consists of smoked salmon, poached eggs (also something I quite fancy! xD), mesclun (one type of salad) and hollandaise. =)

I really like the way how they put the plate together, the colour is so nice and it's definitely feast for the eyes! =) The dish will taste better if the smoked salmon were more fresh and didn't taste so "fishy", but overall taste quite well. I guess the hollandaise sauce somewhat played quite a vital role here, the sauce definitely add-on the taste on it! =)

Jermaine ordered the Honey Con Leche (SGD 6.50), which is a drink under their specialty coffee. This honey con leche is made from honey, espresso, steamed milk and a layer of foam. 

If you looked carefully, you will noticed at the most bottom of the cup, there is a small layer of golden yellowish liquid under the steamed milk, and yes, it is honey!! After you mixed the honey altogether with the drink, omg, it really taste GOOD!! It would definitely a good choice for those non-alcoholic people since the rest of the choices under the specialty coffee also contain alcohol.

I eventually choose Butterscotch Frappe (SGD 6. 90) after a while of hesitating between their classic coffee and flavoured frappe. I decided to give in for frappe due to the hot weather outside, haha! *just trying to find an excuse for myself to drink frappuccino! =P*

I must said that this butterscotch frappe really nice!! The coffee taste is strong and not overpowering by the butterscotch, it's a good combination and very flavourful!! xD A thumb up for this drink~! =)

For those who looking for a place with quiet ambience, the coffee shot definitely a good place to go. And for those who are coffee-addicted person like me, it is also another place I would highly recommend for you guys to drop by and try out their coffee! =)

Enjoy your coffee time! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

The Coffee Shot

103 Lavender Street,
Singapore 338725.

P/S : Pls note that they closed on every Tuesday now instead of Monday.

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