Sunday, October 27, 2013

~ A Little Short And Sweet (?) Escape/Getaway ~

Hahaha, was wondering what kind of title should I use for this post then suddenly Gwen Stefani's song "Sweet Escape" came to my mind, lol~ Not really a vacation but you know, just a short getaway from my current stagnant life routine, to give myself a short break. (Wells, I would love to take a long break but my financial condition certainly won't allow me to, sigh..)

It was a last minute planning, so after discussed with my bestie Alexis for a few times and she got place for me to stay over and she got time to spare for me, so I just bought ticket and headed to KL to find her! Haha, kinda random but that's the adventurous part right? xD

Initially Alexis told me we can go to the Sepang Gold Coast if I can reached there around 12pm, but unfortunately I was late and unable to get myself a cab due to heavy raining early in the morning!! WTH RIGHT?!! Out of so many days it didn't rain but on the day I wanted to go out, it actually rain cats and dogs!! Urghhh~! >.<

Since by the time I reached KL is already 3pm, so the plan going to Sepang Gold Coast have no choice but to cancel! *Sob Sob* Imagine if I can swim and enjoy some picturesque scenery there, oh my god, at least it will give me more like a vacation-feel...

Hopefully my next vacation is somewhere at the beach, really enjoy the view of seeing the sea and the sea breeze that kiss on my cheek, hehe. Ok, time to back to reality now, lol. After I reached KL, we decided to walk around in Times Square first then maybe went to catch a movie or something.

Sometimes I really can't help but feeling that world is kinda small, haha. As we were walking around inside the mall, guess who I've bumped into? My long-time-no-see secondary school friend, Yanekee!! LOL! This is just too much of a coincident!! We went for an early dinner at this Japanese Reastaurant called Tokyo Kitchen inside Times Square but I definitely won't go back for a second time!!

The price of the food there is SUPER EXPENSIVE and most important is, the food there NOT WORTH the price!! The standard is not good and the sushi is not fresh!! Urghh, totally ruined the taste of Japanese food!! I ordered the salmon sashimi don but the sashimi is very thin and not even that fresh, disappointed much! =(

We went to watch the "Runner Runner" movie starring by Justin Timberlake afterwards and the movie is so good! It just portrayed humanity very well through gambling. The most epic thing that happened on that day was I LEFT MY BAG IN TIMES SQUARE!!! RIDICULOUS RIGHT?!! HAHAHA

Here is the summary of the whole story why I will left my bag in Times Square :
Yanekee offered to help me put my bag inside her locker in the gym that she usually go to, which is also inside Times Square. So we thought of getting back my bag after we watched the movie. Since the movie started around 5.30pm like that, so the movie estimated will be finish before 8pm, shouldn't be a problem right...The movie ended around 8pm and we decided to go to the washroom before went to claim my bag. And... Tadaah~! By the time we stood in front of the gym it has already closed!!

They even used a long chain to chain the door. =.= Then Yanekee keep claiming in disbelieve cuz she said she even gym until late night the other day. Then I looked around and found out that the gym will close early during Saturday. Means we can only come back and get my bag tomorrow, lol! Seriously, this is the most EPIC thing that happened to me so far during travel.

That night we spent the night by watching movie and had the tomyum seafood noodles cooked by my bestie!! Yummy!! She used the normal instant noodles, but she didn't used the seasoning powder inside to cook the soup. Instead, she used some tomyum paste she found inside the fridge and even put tomato inside the soup!! *drooling as I type, haha* And she also added some crabsticks and fish balls inside the noodles, this is just too nice to have on a lazy night! Thanks Alexis!!

Since I left my bag inside the mall, so I got no choice but wear my bestie's clothes, haha! Took a few photos before we left for our brunch. She was also wearing her roommate's clothes, haha!

Wanted to meet my another bestie, Shing who also study in KL but she got something on and caught some fever that day unfortunately. =( Alexis asked me whether I wanna try the Plan B in Mid Valley or not since I've been wanted to try that. For my review on Plan B, please read it here :
=====> Always...Have A Plan B

Had a long chat and talked a lot of things with her, we've been lazy-ing at Plan B for almost 2 hours before we decided to move our butts! Hahaha. We just strolled around in the mall for a while then decided to go into Nichii shop to take a look. We both saw some nice dresses and decided to try them on.

I like the dress that I tried on and after hesitated for a while, I decided to give in and I BOUGHT the dress!! LOL! Hesitated because of the price but well, this is not the most expensive dress I've bought so far, so it's ok, hahaha! After successfully got myself something, we continued to stroll around since we still got quite some time before we need to meet Alexis's friends for dinner, haha.

Guess what?! I spotted a SUPER CUTE dress in Bershka shop!! It's just so cute so we both can't help but tried on it, hehe. But the smallest size I can only found is size M, for the cutting, the dress is a bit TOO BIG, I looked like a small kid wearing adult's shirt like that, hahaha, but it's SOOOOO FUNNNNN!!!

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the price tag behind. This simple oversized dress cost around RM139!!! OMG!!! THIS IS INSANE!! That's why we just tried for fun and took pic in it, haha. As we continued to walk around, we saw some travel fair (something similar to matta fair but it's not called matta fair) but it's already closed to the time we need to head back to Alexis's place. =(

Alexis's friend/roommate/coursemate, Julia brought us together with another girl called LenLen to this "Little Korea" area in Ampang for dinner. (Teehee, that's the good thing about having friends who have car! =P) But anyway, it's really really nice to know both of you, Julia and LenLen! You two are really cute! ^.^ 

There are too many Korean restaurants in that area, a place similar to Tanjong Pagar in Singapore, which is also a "small Korea" here, haha. We decided to go to this restaurant called "Kang San Ea", is a Korean BBQ restaurant.

We were already ravenous by the time we reached there. We ordered 2 set of meats, 1 hotpot and 1 tteokbokki (떡 볶 이) aka rice cake. Imagined how much the four of us can eat, hahaha. We also ordered one makgeolli (막 걸 리) aka rice wine, and it's really nice!! I always prefered makgeolli than soju, since the makgeolli is sweeter and the smell and taste not as strong as the soju. =)

What surprised me the most is the banchan(반 찬) (side dishes that served along in Korean dining) they served!! They served quite a lot of banchan compared to most of the Korean restaurant I went. And tteokbokki was the first dish to be served.

The special thing about their BBQ is they are using charcoal!! Wow, traditional enough and I like it! xD

When the meats were served I can swear that my stomach is growling!!! Lol! The staffs there helped out to barbequed the meats and cut into small pieces. All you need to do is wait for the meat to be cooked and EAT!! xD

Here came the second surprise of the day, haha. They served us two desserts for free!! Something similar to ice kacang but is much sweeter, so I don't really like it. =( It's like drinking some sugar syrup. >.< Unable to finish it of course.

The great pals that I had the great dinner with : (Photo wasn't that nice and I'm kinda lazy to edit it, haha)

Gonna end my post here. But really really thankful for such a great few days I had over there, thanks a lot bestie Alexis!! (And to Julia, LenLen, Yanekee and also Shing! ^.^) Life would be much boring without you around, Alexis! xD

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Kang San Ea Korean BBQ Restaurant

C5-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1,
Taman Ampang Utama, Ampang
68000 Kuala Lumpur.

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