Sunday, November 10, 2013

~ 有朋之远方来 :吃在台北(Eat At Taipei) ~

It's been a week since I last updated my blog, sorry for the delay but am really trying my best to update as soon as I can! =) Anyway, I was away for the last weekend back to my lovely hometown - Ipoh! And to my surprise, there are a lot of cafes opened in Ipoh now! *excited*

Definitely will blog about my gathering with my old friends while exploring the new cafes there soon, hehe. xD But..but..but...way before this, I met up with one of my old friend, Siu, who is also one of the girls from the group of gals I usually hang out with. =)

It happened that she came Singapore because she needs to attend her relatives' wedding here, so I got this opportunity to meet up with her. After a few discussions, we decided to meet for lunch @ Chinatown Point where her hotel just nearby.

We settled our lunch at this restaurant called "Eat At Taipei" (吃在台北). As you can tell from the name, this restaurant offers a variety of classic Taiwanese delicacies such as Vermicelli With Oysters & Pig's Intestines (大肠蚵仔面线)Spicy Braised Beef Noodles (台湾牛肉面) and even the famous "Coffin" Toast (棺材板)! They also serve the popular Pearl Milk Tea/Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶) that people are crazy for whenever they go Taiwan.

I find that the interior design of the place full of the old-time delights of Taiwan (古早味), and make me missed my last year trip to Taiwan even more! >.< Especially the food in all the night markets..For those who had been travel to Taiwan before sure get what I mean, haha! xD

Usually the main will come before the desserts but don't know why here they served me the desserts first instead of the main, lol. (Probably it's more easy and faster to prepare) My bowl of Sweetened Bean Curd With Sweet Potato (SGD 3.50) arrived about 10 mins after we placed our orders. Siu's bowl of Warm Grass Jelly (SGD 3.50) came together with my order. =)

I don't really like the taste of my dessert cuz I felt that it tasted too sweet, which I believed that quite a lot of sugar has been added into it. =( I preferred the natural sweet taste that came from the sweet potato itself than adding some sugar into the bowl. 

I ordered the most localised Taiwan food - Braised Pork Belly Rice (SGD 9.90) as I really really missed the one I had in Taiwan. (By any chance if I able to get the photos that I went to Taiwan I might blog about my trip to Taiwan, haha!) And to be frank, I'm a gal who like to eat pork belly a lot!! xD I know most of the girls don't enjoy them cuz they are afraid to get fat or whatever it is, but seriously, I WON'T CARE cuz they are just too yummy-licious!!!  

I certainly enjoyed the braised pork belly especially the fats part, it's so meltingly soft and tender!! The sauce is good but of course when you asked me which one taste better when compared the one I had in Taiwan, my vote definitely will go to the one I had in Taiwan! That one is seriously NICE! *drooling*

Siu ordered herself a Crispy Fried Chicken Chop (SGD 7.90), which I think should be quite ok judging from its look. (I know I know, we often can't judged a chop by its appearance, lol.) The fried chicken chop does look crispy and well fried. Can't tell how it taste since I didn't tried it out. =P

Overall I think the food here is still ok but still unable to fully deliver authentic local Taiwanese food. But of course, when you think about it, if they can deliver 100% authentic Taiwanese food here, then we won't feel like flying to Taiwan to try out their night market (夜市). *Nonsense la! You are just trying to find excuses for yourself!* 

After a sumptuous lunch we went to Dr. Cafe that also located inside Chinatown Point. It's good to be able to catching up over a cuppa, chatting away while enjoying a cup of hot cappuccino! =P We talked quite a lot and then only I knew my friend who got married last year about to become a mummy soon! A big congtratz to her! =) Am really feel happy for her! Wee~~~

For a rare occasion (to us it's rare cuz nowadays we could hardly meet up >.<) like this, of course we won't forget to take some pictures together! =) The last time I met up with her was during Chinese New Year, you can imagine how long we didn't meet up and have some catch up already. 

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Eat At Taipei (吃在台北)

ChinaTown Point
133 New Bridge Road,
#01-43/44 Singapore 059413.

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