Thursday, October 3, 2013

~ TGIF @ Standing Sushi Bar & RedDot BrewHouse ~

"Standing Sushi bar? So we eat while standing?" LOL! This is what my friends' replied when we were discussing where to meet on a Friday night. Hahaha, funny people but of course got seat la, my gosh! And as usual, I saw and heard from my friends about this bar that served nice Japanese food but never had the chance to go down myself, tsk tsk tsk, I'm just not fast enough. *Asked you to race meh? lol.*

I can said that this restaurant is not that easy but also not that hard to spot. If you all know the Food For Thought which located nearby Bras Basah station (Find exit for Queen St), you definitely can find it! What makes it not that easy to be spotted is because it's somewhere hidden in the corner, but no worry, it's located at the left side of Food For Thought. =)

Menu ~

The first thing on my mind is I must ordered the Salmon Sashimi!! Haha, is like a must-order whenever eating out in a Japanese restaurant. Seeing how much I'm crazy for it, you guys would probably never thought that I DON'T eat raw salmon or sashimi AT ALL last time. Jaw dropping huh? Yeah, my appetite somehow changed by one person, he somewhat managed to persuade me to try and ever since, I've fall in love with it, lol. 

You can totally see that each slice of the salmon is thick and fresh right? xD I really love how it tastes in my mouth, the juiciness, the thickness, the freshness, just tasted so good until you can't resist to have more! =P

We also ordered the Rockstar Roll and the Magician Roll (this is the name if not mistaken) as recommended by Jeremy. He told us that these two taste real good so we decided to try that out ourselves. 

Rockstar Roll ~

Magician Roll ~

Oh c'mon, of course we won't eat so little for our dinner! With so little food definitely not enough, so after looked through the menu for a while, I decided to try the Smoked Duck Breast Udon. The udon taste delicious with the soup, and the smoked duck breast is nice too. The duck breast meat is tender and well-smoked. =)

Jeremy and Lijing both also ordered Cha Soba. I didn't tried their food so I don't know how they taste but judging from the appearance, I think taste should be ok? Lol. Even though they often said "Don't judge a book by its cover" but I think the appearance of a meal played a quite important role also, haha.

After we finished our meals also we still feel quite dissatisfied with what we had, so end up we ordered one more Salmon Sashimi, the Rockstar Roll and the Magician Roll also. Now when I think about it, our appetite were just too big for just the three of us, haha. Kinda scary huh? xD

Standing Sushi Bar (MRT Station : Bras Basah)

8, Queen Street,
Singapore 188535.

After a sumptuous dinner of course followed by a drinking session ok! That's why we called TGIF, lol. *Just trying to find an excuse to go drink only, haha! =P* Since me and Lijing also don't have any idea of where to get a drink, Jeremy once again suggested us to go for the RedDot Brewhouse @ Boat Quay.

We only manage to get the seatings after waiting for some time and we were placed at the outside of the place. I personally fancied the outside seating as it was facing the river and able to enjoy the night view of city. =)

The specialty of RedDot Brewhouse is their Green Monster, so three of us ordered the same thing. We also ordered a fries to share. For people who dislike beer because of their bitterness, I think Green Monster can be your choice cuz it totally didn't taste bitter at all! xD

Thank God It's Friday! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

RedDot Brewhouse (MRT Station: Raffles Place)

33/34 Boat Quay,
Singapore 049823.

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