Saturday, September 14, 2013

~ L'Atelier Tirami Su : The Tiramisu Workshop ~

Tiramisu, what's on your mind when you saw this word? I bet most of us will have this a mix of smooth cheesy and coffee tasted cake in mind right? xD I myself is a superb fan of tiramisu, miss u miss u~~ LOL
Tiramisu comes from the word Tirami and Su which literally means "pick me up" or "make me happy" in Italian. As it's name suggests, this cake would perk up even tired and weary souls. 

After having my late brunch with my friends, we decided to go for some desserts. I've saw the reviews online about this little cafe that have one of the best tiramisu in Singapore, and I've been craving for tiramisu for almost a week (Guess this is the major reason, haha!) , therefore I've suggested to give it a try!

It took us quite a while to find the shop as we roaming around basement 1 of The Central for quite a while, until we went to ask the people who worked around the basement 1 then only we able to find it! Apparently it's just somewhere at the corner right after we took the escalator up from the mrt station! Just don't know why it just slipped out of our sight earlier on!

The cafe shop itself is quite small but have this cosy feeling, since it's still quite new around, so it wasn't full of crowd that time, but I think sooner or later this place will be full as more people will find out about it! 

Menu ~

They served four different flavours of tiramisu, all layered with different type of liqueur : Classico, Dark Cherry, Matcha and Lychee. Since I'm not a fan of Lychee, so we decided to go for the Classico and Dark Cherry. We ordered the Classico and Dark Cherry to share (SGD 6.80/slice). Tiramisu usually made of ladyfingers that soaked in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, lastly flavoured with cocoa powder on top. The cake was smooth and light, with a prefect blend of the coffee and liqueur, you just can't resist to have more! =)

The tiramisu here definitely have the perfect ratio of coffee as well as alcohol. Many of the tiramisu out there don't have the coffee liqueur taste, so far only the tiramisu from L'Atelier and TCC have this coffee liqueur taste. Every spoon is such a heavenly treat that can uplift spirits and satisfying your taste buds at the same time!

Dark Cherry ~

Classico ~

What's the best companion when you are enjoying desserts? Definitely nothing else but coffee! xD (Am really much a coffee-addicted! :O) So we ordered ourselves one Mocha, one Cappuccino and one Apricot Peach tea. I really enjoyed every sip of my cappuccino and their coffee are from Liberty Beans also! =)
But my friend who ordered the Apricot Peach tea doesn't like her drink, she found that it got some sort of weird smell in it, and tasted quite weird too. 

Apricot Peach Tea ~

Cappuccino ~

 Ok, apparently I've too busy taking photos of the food and drinks that we had ordered so I didn't realised that I actually missed out to take a closer look of the Mocha!! Urghh..what a waste! >.< So you guys can only seen it on the pic below where I've took a pic of all the cakes and drinks! =)

L'Atelier Tiramisu

The Central @ Clarke Quay #B1-09
6, Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817.
(Clarke Quay MRT, Exit F)

And we also went to this place called "Malaysia Boleh" at Jurong Point to have our dinner. From its name you can tell that this is a place that served various types of local food from Malaysia. If Jurong Point wasn't that far from where I stay, I think I would've pay more visits there! For those who want to settle your dinner there, warn you, is either you go there early so that you could get a seat easily or else, you might need to wait for quite a while! 

Cuz even though we reached there quite early, around 6 I guess if I'm not mistaken but the place aldready full!! Kinda scary isn't it? But you definitely can see many different stalls inside, as though it's like another hawker centre inside a shopping mall, each selling different types of local food from Malaysia.

I've decided to try the claypot chicken rice there since it's been quite a while since I last had it. Luckily the queue wasn't that long on that day (Lucky me! =P) so I able to get my food quite fast!

And two of my friends ordered prawn mee and hokkien fried mee, but since I didn't get to taste their food, so I don't know how it tasted exactly. According to them, the food tasted quite good and very "Malaysia" oriented, haha! =D But I think my claypot chicken rice still okok, probably because it wasn't that "salty"? Maybe just a bit too bland, luckily inside got the salty fish that I like!! xD

Malaysia Boleh

3rd Floor Of Jurong Point

Happy hunting food! Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

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