Sunday, July 21, 2013

~Friday Dinner Date : Paradise Dynasty~

This is just another usual Friday where I'm expecting OT after work, so didn't plan to go anywhere since we have been OT for that whole week and the volume of works are quite high that day also. But surprisingly we managed to finish our works before 6! *Yay to our efficiency! LOL*

Since me and the rest of the girls also don't have anywhere to go after works, so we decided to go for dinner together. (Considered it as an impromptu dinner date!) Initially we wanted to go to the Canton-I @ Ion Orchard but then it was closed. :( *sob sob* (No more custard bun! lol) So we ended up going to Paradise Dynasty(乐天皇朝) which is also located @ Ion Orchard.

Paradise Dynasty is famous for its colourful xiao long bao and their ramen also quite well known. It just like Ding Tai Fung(鼎太丰), we need to take the queue number first. Sounds exaggerating but I can tell you, it's super long queue! We had waited for more than an hour to get our seats!! One thing about the queue number thing is they don't go by the number sequences, they go by the number of people who dining in. For example, there were four of us that day, so we need to wait for the table of four. So if only the table of two is available, they will let the people of two going first, etc etc.

Their logo, haha. The significant dragon!

By the time we got our seats is already 9pm+!! Gosh, you can imagine how starving are we right! Can eat a cow I tell you, haha! Since we have waited out there for so long, of course we have looked through the menu, like literally flipping through it for thousand times, lol. Immediately we took the orders and can't wait for the food to be served!

The first food to be served is our most looking forward dishes --- the "Dynasty 8 Flavours"!! *yippieee~~*
Which is the famous xiao long bao that comes in different colours and different flavours. 

As you can see from the pic above, there are total 8 different colours of xiao long bao. The white colour one is the Original flavour(原味), then the red one is the Szechuan flavour(麻辣), the greyish one is Garlic flavour(蒜香), the orange colour one is Crab Roe flavour(蟹粉), the yellowish one is Cheesy flavour(芝士), the black one is Black Truffle flavour(黑菘露), the caramel-brownish one is Foie Gras flavour(鹅肝) and the last one, which is the greenish one is Ginseng flavour(人参).

The waitress told us that we actually have to eat the xiao long bao in sequence in order to taste the most out of each flavour. We need to start from the original one then to the ginseng one. After that we eat in a clockwise rotation, from the foie gras until the last is the szechuan one. But of course we didn't manage to do it that way since there were four of us sharing this 8 flavours!

Haha, so I end up took the original and the Szechuan one!
And of course if you asked me, is the Szechuan one spicy?
Frankly speaking, I don't think so, haha.

This is the black truffle flavour. Really love their xiao long bao! It's alike with the one that you can get from Ding Tai Fung, once you bite all the soup inside instantly filled your mouth! The soup inside the xiao long bao makes the fillings and mincemeat so juicy!

*Yums yums~~*

Besides this "Dynasty 8 Flavours", we also ordered ramen as our main course. Their ramen is in signature pork bone soup and I just can't helped but keep drinking the soup once my ramen cames!! The soup is just so nice!

My ramen -- Braised Pork Belly Ramen. The braised prok belly they served is
tasty and of course, super sinful! But don't care, eat first! Haha!
This is the vege pork wantan ramen ordered by Lijing, the wantan they served inside is quite big!
This is the spicy beef ramen, from its appearance it looked spicy right?
But no worry, it's not as spicy as how it looks! 

This is the sliced pork ordered by Priscilla. The sliced pork is quite tender!
*Did you noticed that braised lava egg? It's an add-on to a good bowl of ramen!*

Part of the interior design.

And we also ordered pork dumpling with chilli sauce(重庆红油炒手) and rice ball with grated nut(擂沙汤丸) for dessert. I love the pork dumpling with chilli sauce, the sauce is nice!! The rice ball still ok, is just like the normal glutinous rice ball covered with peanut.

Of course, not forgetting what we will usually do after dinner, is pic taking time! Glad to know you girls even though you all won't be here for very long time! :) You all made my 
lunch time filled with fun and laughters!                                                                                       
From left to right : Lijing, me, Priscilla and HuiMin. 

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe.

Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn, #04-12a, Ion Orchard, 238801


  1. How would you rate the above ramen? :)

  2. Hi Sim, I would give the ramen 8/10! Haha, cuz the soup is really nice! Try it out if got chance! =)

  3. Gosh!! those colourful xiao long pao looks yummy...
    Curious of how the taste like? :p
    Btw, it is pricey?

    1. haha, yes they are yummy! Just go and try them! :) Hmm, still ok leh, not that expensive if compared to Ding Tai Fung! =P

  4. i yet to try this! will go to hunt some other day :)

    1. Boey, yes you should! Really not bad and their ramen are good! :D