Sunday, July 7, 2013

My First Ever Virgin Blog Post!

Hahaha, the title of this post sounded a bit wrong and misleading but yet, it's true. This is my FIRST ever "virgin" post in blog! Yeah, shall welcome myself to the world of blog, like a finally,lol.

Why am I saying like a finally? Cuz I've been saying to start my own blog YEARS AGO but I just dragged, dragged and dragged until now! Such a draggy me, I know right.. Anyway, if you asked me what's the reason for me to start and write a blog, guess the reasons are just the same like most of the bloggers out there.

I'm just a simple girl born and bred in Ipoh, Malaysia and have been working in Singapore for two years now. Time flies huh..I will mostly blogged about my life, cuz I love to enjoy life and live it to the fullest! :)I love to read, travel, food hunting, try new things, make new friends, meeting different people and of course have fun in life! *Seriously, who don't like to have fun?*

Probably some of you might wondered why my post is written in English instead of Chinese since I'm putting a Chinese name for my blog. Oh wells, the reason is very simple, cuz I found that typing in English simply faster than in Chinese, lol. *Forgive for my laziness! =P* Been struggling for quite some time whether to write in English or Chinese *one of the reason why I've been dragging also, REALLY, not excuses ok!haha* and finally decided to write in English. But my English is not as good as last time since it's been a SUPER long time since I write, so pardon my bad English! >.<

Quote of my life, haha!
Hmm...I guess that's all for my first virgin post? Haha, since I'm not introducing any nice food or whatsoever, so do look forward for my next post! *hopefully not too long* Feel free to drop my emails and all if you have any comment, I would like to hear from you all. Let's just pray that I will be updating my blog soon enough, haha! *finger crossed* Till then, annyeong! :)Xoxo,Phoebe

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