Saturday, July 13, 2013

~ Gather Gather Together ~

Can't believe I'm actually updating my blog so fast (at least faster than I thought,lol). Probably am too free today and rutting at home, that's why. Able to manage my blog and done some features and settings on it. Anyway, this is not really the main point, haha. *Just wanna clarify that I'm actually do putting in some efforts to run my blog, hehe. =P)

OKAY, MAIN POINT. Finally the four of us have the chance and time to gather last night. And who are the four of us?! Is me, Alice, Li Ting and Edwin! Usually only me and Li Ting and Edwin going out, Alice just a bit too busy, haha. (Before she come and beat me up, I better clarify here: Is just that our timing is not right, that's why she can't showed up~)

We have all agreed to meet up after work last night and went for the Savuer, the famous restaurant that served French cuisine at Bras Basah there to give it a try. I heard that the food they served there not bad and not pricey for French cuisine. Was so looking forward to the dining but end up we didn't able to dine there due to the queue was just WAY TOO LONG. NO KIDDING. The waiter there approached and told us that we might need to wait for an hour or so. (C'm on, how do you expect us to wait for an hour while all of us were feeling ravenous and stomach already growling?!)

So we decided to go to Ah Loy Thai since it's also a very famous place for Thai food. Guess what? The queue over there was even longer than the queue at savuer! Guess Friday's night really not a right time to try out these places, or we just simply don't have the luck! :( Don't wanna walk around again so we decided to settle ourselves in JK Don Express which is also @ Shaw Tower!

It is a restaurant that served Jap and Korean cuisines, but surprisingly not many people there. This is how the menu looks like :

The price of the food here still ok, not that expensive compared with those usual japanese and korea restaurant. Since not much choices here so it only takes us a while to make our decisions. And our food came not long after we ordered. The first order to arrive was this korean hot pot, it looked spicy but wasn't really that spicy after we tasted it, but if you asked me to rate it, I will only give it 6/10. Cuz the kimchi soup base not really that nice. It's not as spicy and as sour as how a kimchi soup should taste. A bit disappointed I must said. :(

Then Alice's kimchi ramen and Li Ting's cha soba also came. The kimchi ramen is serving in a special pot, as though we were dining in those traditional korean restaurant! Li Ting's cha soba also looked quite tempting but I forgot to ask her how it taste. Both kimchi ramen and the cha soba also quite cheap, both also don't cost more than SGD10 each.
Then my fav of all time, salmon shasimi don have finally came! But the appearance wasn't that attractive, but the portion considered quite big though. Didn't expecting much cuz of it so-so appearance but luckily the salmon they served is fresh and the rice is quite sweet, lol. But it would definitely taste better if the salmon slice they served is thicker! (Who don't wish huh? xP)

Hahaha, and Edwin's curry chicken rice was the last to come! But I think that his food is the most attractive one compared with the three of us, and the portion is quite big and tasted quite good, according to Edwin, lol. Probably because of jap curry wasn't spicy that's why he found that it tastes good! XD

Tadaah! This is all the food that we ordered! So..are you feeling hungry now? XP Hahaha, hope not! Even you are I will still be posting up food during late night, haha. XD

We are unable to finish the korean hot pot since all of us already feeling quite full after finishing our own meals. >.< And what do we do after eating? Of course is photo taking session! :D It's been quite a long while since the four of us taken a pic together. And I also purposely bring along my cute rilakkuma polaroid camera so that we can take polaroid pics! :)

Love the new colourful films that I bought! The polaroid pics look so nice!

Three of them are actually the first few friends I make in Singapore, and gosh how time flies! We've known each other for more than two years already!! I still remembered how Li Ting invited me to join her and Edwin for lunch, how we used to OT together and all. And of course, not forgetting about Alice, who is also my bff now, even though we only know each other for two years but she's like a sister to me! :) Thanks for being with me during my ups and downs, my life here will definitely would be dull without you guys! 
Looked how much we had changed throughout these two years! OMG!

Alice, me and Li Ti ng 
okay, camwhore time! haha!
Am already looking forward to our next gathering! Hope we able to try Saveur! I will always cherish and appreciate the friendship between us! :) Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe.


  1. Ur photo is awesome!!!
    i saw delicious food, lengzai and lenglui photo..hehe..

    btw, gathering with friends, is always happy and nice one!

    1. Yes, I agree! Time with friends is always the happiest! Thanks for the compliments! :) If you don't mind, can follow my blog! I like your blog too! :)