Sunday, November 16, 2014

~ A Dinner With Le Bro @ Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura) ~

Again, this was a quite "ancient" post, haha. But anyway, I finally went to have a DINNER at Hoshino Coffee in Plaza Singapura! Why do I make this sounds like something very exciting?

Wells, it was because I went to this place for a few times, but only for some tea times, didn't really try out their food. Heard from my colleagues and friends that their curry rice definitely is a must try, and finally the chance came! xD

Of course you all can refer HERE for my another visit to Hoshino previously. =) I decided to order the "Hoshino" Pot-Baked Curry Rice (SGD 15.00) since a lot of people recommend this dish.

And they are definitely right! It was really one of the must try when you dine here. =) The curry was not too sweet or too spicy, it taste flavourful and the runny egg yolk further enhanced the taste of the curry rice. xD

While my bro ordered himself the Mentaiko Shrimp & Japanese Herb Spaghetti (SGD 15.50). The pasta was served together with big mushrooms and big shrimps!! xD The whole plate definitely is feast for both the eyes and mouth, haha. =P

The shrimps was fresh and the mentaiko mixed well with the taste of the pasta. =) It was really a good Japanese twist to the westernized style pasta. =)

As for drinks. I ordered the Hot Matcha (SGD 7.50). But honestly, this drink was a huge disappointment as the taste of the matcha was just too bland. I feel like I'm drinking plain water rather than having matcha. =/

After our sumptuous dinner, it's finally the long awaited dessert time! xD Ta-daah! It's the famous Pancake Souffle (SGD 9.80). xD Finally get to try this despite of I've been here a few times. =P 

The pancake souffle was soft and fluffy and most importantly, it was served HOT! xD The maple syrup you can choose whether to pour onto the pancake souffle or not, depends on your own preferences. =)

Besides the pancake souffle, we also ordered the Matcha Softee (SGD 5.80), a.k.a. matcha ice-cream, lol. =P But just slightly better than the hot matcha, the matcha softee also wasn't that good. The taste of the matcha was too bland, I usually prefer a much stronger taste, haha. =)

Last but not least, the pictures of me and my bro! xD (We often being said that we don't look like siblings but is true, he is indeed my blood-related brother, haha!) 

Till then, anneyong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Hoshino Coffee

68, Orchard Road,
#03-84 Plaza Singapura.

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