Wednesday, April 9, 2014

~ Cafe Hunting : The Bravery Cafe @ Horne Road, Lavender ~

This post supposed to be up quite long time ago, but yet due to the malfunction of my keyboard, I only got to put all these posts up now. =( This cafe is one of the cafe on my lists that I wanted to pay a visit in Lavender area. (Another one that I wanted to go so badly is the Chye Seng Huat Hardware which is very famous for its coffee!)

It's very hard to tell from the exterior of the place that it is actually a cafe. And what makes it even harder to find out the place is they have no signboard at all. Like no any signs written "Bravery Cafe", but you can tell that it's a cafe cuz you can see that there are people chilling and enjoying their cuppa coffee inside, lol.

It was a rainy Sunday and I met up with Esther, who is Alice's best friend and somehow now become my friend too, haha. Life itself sometimes is weird yet wonderful at the same time, what fated is fated, you can never tell what's gonna happens next right? =)

So I decided to explored this cafe in Lavender with her, so we met up and walked over to the place. The place was quite crowded as it was a Sunday and most people came for brunch, like me, haha. But luckily it's not hard to get a seat for us since there were two of us only.

Their menu is simple. You can either have crostini, eggs on toast or smoked salmon sandwich for your brunch. They also offer other delicious items on the menu too and also a good selection of drinks, especially coffee. =)

As usual, my choice of drink will always be a decent cup of coffee. xD I definitely won't miss out the chance of getting myself a coffee fix here! Both Esther and I ordered the same coffee, which is the Lavender Latte (SGD 5.50) that highly recommended by most of the people who have been here before.

I never tried such combination before, so I think is worth to try it out! =) Interesting combination and the taste of the lavender latte is much better than I thought. I was kinda worried at first cuz I usually fear that such refreshing combination will taste funny but obviously, it won't. 

The lavender in the latte allows you to enjoy even more of the aroma of the coffee. It did not overwhelming the taste of the latte but instead, it goes well along with the latte. =) But first, let us took some pictures with our lavender latte. xD (Not selfie ok?!)

Me with my cup of lavender latte~

Esther with her cup of lavender latte, with her "V" pose, haha~
And as for our brunch, we both ordered the same thing, which is the Eggs On Toast (SGD 8). The difference of our toast was she chose sunny side up egg while I chose poached eggs. =) You can choose either to add on Avocado (half) (SGD 2.50), Sausage (Lamb/Beef) (SGD 4), Smoked Salmon (SGD 5) or Turkey Bacon (SGD 3.50). We both also chose to add on turkey bacon to our toast. 

I like the food overall but the only thing that I dislike is the multigrain toast. Don't misunderstand cuz I do like multigrain stuffs but this toast they served were just too DRY. It was stated in the menu that it's a buttered multigrain toast but I didn't taste it at all. Like they never buttered it or something.

Again, posing with our brunch. xD

It is a cafe where I definitely will come again to rejuvenate over a cup of coffee, especially for its lavender latte. =) The food is decent, and most important, the price are affordable, but maybe should go during weekdays as to avoid the crowd. 

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

The Bravery Cafe (Nearest Station: Lavender)

66 Horne Road,
Singapore 209073.

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