Monday, April 7, 2014

~ My Spiciest 24th Birthday Celebration @ Casa Verde, Botanical Gardens ~

Yes, I'm now 24 already, I start to feel so old now! *sob sob* Sometimes the thought of having so little time but yet you still have so many things to do and to achieve in life kinda freak me out. A few accidents happened just within this few months and some even happened to my close friends' family or friends, I totally can feel that our life are too fragile, you will never when is the end so we must remind ourselves to cherish and live our life to the fullest! =)

My birthday fell on a special occasion, which is the International Women's Day! Hahaha, that's why my friends all like to say that I'm a 38 people (means that I'm "gepoh" aka busybody, lol). Wells, maybe I am but I'm just trying to be helpful ok! xD

My friends brought me to this hidden gem inside botanical gardens, Casa Verde, a place that served Italian cuisine in the midst of the green nature. You can enjoy your meal and the beauty of nature at the same time! Sounds like a great experience, haha! xD

We were served with soft bread that comes with olive oil. But I don't really like the soft bread as it's kinda tasteless and the texture of the bread is very dry. But the soft bread is FREE FLOW!!  So you can top up as many times as you want but I don't think people will wanna have that much cuz we still need to reserve space for our main courses! =)

After waiting for a while, finally our food were being served! All our stomach by then were growling hard that time, lol. We decided to order different kind of main courses and shared among us. The first dish to arrive was the Calamaretti Con Aglio Olio (SGD 16) which is baby squids cooked in aglio olio style. The appearance of the dish itself already very appetizing!

I must said that I really really love the taste of it! The squid were well cooked and the squid quite chewy. The dish may looked spicy but trust me, looks can be deceiving! xD But it's really a must order if you are dining here! =)

We ordered the Bordetto Di Vongole (SGD 12), where they cooked the fresh venus clams in white wines. =) I start to feel hungry as I'm typing this, lol! The clams smells really fragrant when it was served on the table. =)

The thing that I fancy most of the dish is the gravy of the dish. The gravy was flavourful and comes with the fragrant of white wines. The clams was fresh too. =)

We also ordered pizza as one of our main courses. The first pizza that we ordered is Pizza Rustica (SGD 23). It is a pizza with tomato salsa, smoked streaky bacon, asparagus and comes with a sunny side egg. =)

Honestly, this is the first time I ever saw a pizza with a sunny side egg in the middle! And don't forget it is a runny egg yolk kind. Mmmm, my favourite! xD Of course in the end I was the one who scoop the whole egg and had it all to myself! Who is the birthday girl huh? Hahahaha! xD

The next one is the Casa Verde specialty, Sfilatino Casa Verde (SGD 24). And you won't believed it that it was actually a pizza when you saw it, cuz it looks exactly like those wraps that we usually had at other restaurants! xD

It is a pizza with mozzarella, ham and mushrooms in springroll style, serves along with tomato salsa dip. The pizza is absolutely a sensuous treat to taste buds. I guessed that's why it is their house specialty. =)

Now is pasta time!!! We ordered 3 different type of pastas at first but then we found that we still feel quite hungry even though we already had them all, so we end up ordered two more pasta afterwards. Lesson of the day is: Never share the food among the group especially you have a big group. Lol. =P

One of the pasta that we ordered on that day was Aglio Olio E Peperoncino (SGD 16). It is a spaghetti with garlic, chilli and extra virgin olive oil. You can either choose prawns, bacon or I can' quite remembered what's other options they gave but we chose prawns for this pasta. =)

As you can see, the prawns are HUGE!! xD But to me, I found that this aglio olio pasta taste a bit too plain for me, not flavourful enough in my humble opinion. Or maybe I'm just a heavy-taste person, lol. But I can guaranteed you that the prawns they used were fresh and succulent. =) (The prawn picture below credits to Royce Chan, the newly born prawn prince, hahaha! xD)

Then we also ordered the Amatriciana (SGD 20). Amatriciana is a pasta that cooked with bacon, onion and tomato Napoli. The taste of the pasta was decent. =)

Besides that, we also ordered a Marinara (SGD 25). It is a linguine with mixed seafood such as mussels, prawns, squid, etc., chilli, garlic, white wine and tomato Napoli. The size of the mussels are certainly big and they were quite generous in putting the amount of seafood into the pasta. *satisfied*

Remembered that we ordered the clams earlier on? Since we had no idea what to order for pasta so we chose the one with clams too, lol. We ordered the Vongole (SGD 24). It taste very similar to the clams that we had before. I think that's because of the same cooking method of the clams. xD

But what surprised me the most is their Carbonara (SGD 20)!! Can I said that this is the best carbonara that I ever tried so far? Not trying to be exaggerating but it taste super nice!! *thumbs up* And most importantly is because the cream sauce did not overpowered the carbonara. =)

After all the main courses, bet all of us must have felt too full right? Wrong. There is always room for desserts! xD We ordered 3 desserts to try out, the Tiramisu (SGD 9), Crostata Al Cioccolato (SGD 9) and also a Mango Parfait (SGD 9).

The tiramisu was decent, but not the best I had so far. You guys would know how much I love the tiramisu from L'Atelier Tiramisu. =)But it didn't means that it wasn't worth to try. xD

I like the mango parfait though. It topped with diced mango and strawberris, the appearance quite enthralled I must said. =) For a person who don't really fancy mango also like this dessert, so you can tell that it actually taste quite good you know? Hahaha, my own judgement, really, lol.

The last but not least was the Crostata Al Cioccolato, sounds like some sort of alien words right? It's actually a chocolate tart filled with roasted hazelnuts finished with vanilla sauce. =)

But I think the most fun part of that night was when Connie them trying to cheat me by telling me that this is my birthday cake and asked me to make my wishes as they put on some candles onto it. xD

But while I was making my wishes with my eyes closed, they were actually trying to put on all the candles onto the REAL birthday cake, haha! But too bad their plan didn't succeed cuz I opened my eyes halfway, lol. =P (Paiseh ya, I really didn't know it would be so fast! =P)

Ta-Dahhh! This is my ACTUAL birthday cake, the cupcakes from the Cupcake Engineer! =)

It's time for some birthday wishing time! *yay* One of the bad thing about sitting at alfresco area is the wind always blown off the candles before you even get to make a wish!!! >.<

Make a wish, make a wish~~~ (The song was playing at the background, hahahahaha!)

Wait, is that a "chilli padi" (which is bird's eye chili) on the cupcake? Yes, that's right! My friend said since I like spicy that much, so they bought me this, LOL. The funniest thing is the name of the cupcake is "Hot Chocolate", such a compatible name uh! =.= Of course I never ate the chilli padi together with the cupcake, but still, I did took a bite of it, which is VERY HOT

Really had a unforgettable, heart warming birthday. Thanks for all my friends who spare your time out for me especially the busiest one, Connie, hiak hiak. xD It's been great to have you all as my friends and supporting me throughout my time here. We tried to mimic the Oscars selfies that night too, haha! xD

Anyway, I wanna thanks my beloved colleagues that celebrated my birthday in advance (actually it was just the day before my actual birthday, haha). Thanks for the cake and the present, love it gals! 

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Casa Verde

Visitors Centre,
Singapore Botanic Gardens,
1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569.

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