Saturday, May 24, 2014

~ Spend A Nice Weekend With Friends From North ~

Yes, I know I'm super SLOW cuz it's been a LONG while that my friends made their visit to Singapore and only till now then I blog about it. Really didn't have any spare time to update my blog despite of my super busy works that caused me to OT like everyday? And been going out these few weekends, so yeah, that's why I don't have time to blog. *sob sob* Hopefully after this I will have more time to update you guys more, hehe. xD

Actually I've got to know that Alexis and the rest (Jenice, Sookyann, Sookyann's sis and Anthony) will be coming down to Singapore on Saturday as she already told me before hand. So I asked some of my friends to come out and be their "tour guide" of the day, haha. =P

Photo credits to Sook Yann's sis, super love this shot! =)

Our first destination was the Singapore's most famous tourist attraction - Sentosa. And no, we do not go there for the universal studio but just went there to take some pictures only, haha. xD Here are a few photos that were taken in Sentosa. =)

Then we also went for a small walk at the beach there. A few more shots from there. =)

Actually there were more photos taken but it's in my friend's phone and I'm too lazy to copy the photos from facebook, so I just put those that were in my phone. =P After spend some time under the hot sun, we decided to head for dinner after Alexis gave her bf, Ah Fui a surprise appearance, haha. (FYI, her bf didn't know AT ALL about her coming to SG, haha. Can't forget how surprised he looked that time when he found out, ahahaha. xD)

We decided to settle our dinner at Miam Miam in Westgate, a quite newly opened mall on the west side. The queue was pretty long and due to the number of people we had, we waited for a VERY LONG time for available seats that can fit 12 people. But unfortunately, we still unable to get a nice seating in the end so we had to sit separately in the end. >.<

Here are the food that we ordered on that night. Not going to talk about the food here as I will do another review(sort of) in my coming post as I did went to Miam Miam before, so just gonna let the pictures do all the talking for now, haha. =)

Despite of the LONG waiting time, we also found an egg shell inside the spaghetti!! Omg, this was bad as the egg shell that we found was not small though. Took a picture of it as proof, lol.

Another group photo inside the Miam Miam restaurant. =) (Photo credits to Susu's sista! ^^)

Spotted a panda outside the shopping mall!! (What?!) Hahaha, not the actual one of course. =P And again, another group photo was taken. =)

Initially we wanted to go Marina Bay Sands to catch the i-Light festival but we've missed it as we were watching something else and by the time we wanted to catch a glimpse of it, the i-lights already ended. >.<

So we end up went to Gardens by the bay and had a walk there. =) The first picture was taken at garden by the bay. =) It's very quiet at night but the scenery was awesome. =)

The rest went back to JB(Johor) afterwards and only Alexis stayed here over the weekend. So we went to have a lovely brunch at Five and Dime Eatery the next morning! =) Even though it's a short while only but it felt great to have you all coming once in a while. =) Hope you guys enjoyed your day here and hope I can be your "tour guide" again, haha. xD

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

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