Sunday, June 1, 2014

~ Affordable & Nice Western Cuisine @ Rice And Fries ~

It was a hot Sunday evening and I decided to meet Yuki (who was still in Singapore that time) for dinner. I've met her up in Kembangan since she stayed there and while we're still being indecisive of what to eat for dinner, suddenly I thought about this cafe called "Rice and Fries". =)

I remembered that one of the blogger review that I read stated that this place located within walking distance from Kembangan MRT station, when I still had no idea where is it as we tried to walk to somewhere near the Kembangan Plaza (where I have my Korean lessons there), suddenly I spotted it!!! Hahaha, lucky me! It's just located opposite the road behind Kembangan Plaza. =)

I fall in love with this cafe once I stepped in. The colourful painting on the wall immediately captured my attention as I walked in. =) It can totally lighten up your mood instantly! xD

I don't know what's the right word to describe the environment or the ambience of the cafe, just a place that I feel where you can bring your whole family here to either dining or have a celebration or something. =) Ok, I think it's better to let the pictures do all the talking from here first. xD

Don't you just love this creative mind map? xD

They have a special set menu and also the usual menu. I must said that for western cuisine, the price that they featured definitely considered quite cheap as you not only getting decent food at a cheap price but yet, you get to dine in an air-conditioning environment. =P Here a sneak peek of the menu.

Yuki ordered a Forest Mushroom Cappuccino Soup (SGD 4.80). The mushroom soup mixed with cappuccino according to the menu but unfortunately I felt that it wasn't strong, at least not strong enough for me to taste it out. xD But the soup was quite decent and there was a foam-like thing in the middle.

As for drinks, she ordered an Iced Lemon Tea (SGD 3.80) and I of course, a cup of cappuccino (SGD 4.80). My cup of cappuccino taste alright to me, not good enough for a coffee lover like me. =P

Haha, I actually tried to take a few shots with my cappuccino and it turned out that my hair was in a real mess that day!! =.= I really don't know why cuz I really did comb quite a few times before I went out but still, it just in a super messy condition. >.<

See?! You get what I mean now right? It was totally in a mess!! >.<
Yuki ordered their Crab Marinara (SGD 12.80) as her main course that night. It was a soft shell crab pasta and it taste delicious! =) Love how well when all the flavours of the ingredients go together. =) The soft shell crab was fried on the outside and it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. =)

I felt like eating chop that night therefore I went to order their Rosemary Chicken (SGD 9.80). Isn't it considered cheap for a chop? And what's more it's such a delectable dish that you will definitely coming back for it again! =)

The chicken was well cooked with mushroom ragout and red wine jus and served along with fries. The taste of the chicken chop was flavourful and the meat was tender and juicy. =) Love the fries too! xD

And so, let's start to DIG IN!! BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! LOL

Even though we started to feel a bit full after our dinner but there is always room for desserts right? xD So we ordered a half waffle (SGD 5.80) to satisfied our sweetooth, haha. =P The waffle came with 1 scoop of ice-cream and maple syrup, I can't really remembered the flavour of the ice-cream that we choose already, paiseh! >.<

The waffle was crispy and soft at the same time, it taste good! You just can't resist the temptation and the "shiok-ness" of it, haha. xD Especially when you enjoyed it together with the icy cold ice-cream, hehe...=P

I just can't help but feel that the place looks so nice yet friendly at the same time! This picture was taken from my view, which is from where I sat that night. =)

Here's our selfie of the night! (Or we are supposed to call it a "twinfie"?xD) Haha, the picture was quite blur as the front camera is quite sucks. But anyway, let us take a selfie! xD

I will definitely go back again to try out other different dishes as I heard many good reviews of them. Of course not forgetting the super affordable price there! =P But it's really a worth to go cafe in you happened to be in Kembangan area. =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Rice And Fries (Kembangan Station)

484, Changi Road,
Singapore 419896.


  1. Selfie Selfie :P
    By the way, it considered kinda cheap. XD

    1. ah boon: we should take one together too! =P haha, cheap right? And the food is nice! xD Come east and we can go together! =D