Sunday, June 15, 2014

~ A Pretend-To-Be-Hardworking Dinner @ Miam Miam, Bugis ~

It was a quite impromptu dinner date as I really didn't had any plan that day but then I suddenly received whatsapp from Janessa asking whether wanna meet for dinner or not. Of course I'll said YES! Then the dinner just set with total 6 of us, Janessa, her bf Royce, Connie, her bf Keinth, Yuki and me! =)

The dinner was set at Bugis so we decided to head for Miam Miam as we never tried it out before. Miam Miam is the combination of French artisanal cuisine and Japanese culinary. And I saw a lot of people highly recommended their French Toast as one the must-try when you are there but unfortunately we didn't ordered that. Will reveal more later on. =/

Anyway, before I proceed with my post, I got one photo I wanted to post, haha! My friends sent me their pic showing that they were all waiting for me and asked me to hurry!! Wells, since you guys sent me that, I think I shall posted it here for sharing! HAHA. xD

Not that clear though, haha~
Their menu comprises various choices of food, from toast to pancakes, from spaghetti to rice and they also served French famous patisserie - Souffle. I guessed the only thing I dislike about it is that they have quite limited choice of drinks. =(

A candid (can't really called this a candid shot) or more like, an unglam shot taken by my friends after we made our ordered and waiting for our food to be served. (Why am I not surprised that sure will have unglam shot when I hang out with them? -.-)

I ordered their Riz Noir Black Rice aka Squid Ink Rice (SGD 17.80). You can't really see the squid ink rice as it was hidden beneath a fluffy egg. =)

The squid ink rice taste quite nice to me, quite flavourful but I think the only thing that I don't really like about it's just a bit too oily. Like you can see there was some oil at the bottom of the pan-like thing. But overall is good and I think you can order this if you don't mind your teeth stained with black ink, haha. =P

There were some seafood like squid and prawns hidden in the rice! xD
Connie ordered herself the Riz Au Curry (SGD 14.80). It is a baked rice with Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli cheese and egg. The dish taste quite decent, but didn't give me too much surprise. =)

While Yuki tried their Mac & Cheese (SGD 15.80). It taste much better than I thought! Cuz I always worried that mac & cheese will not be that appetizing after you halfway ate it, but this one definitely is an exception! =)

Keinth ordered himself the Miam Miam spaghetti (SGD 15.80). The appearance of the spaghetti definitely is the feast for the eyes! So colourful right?! =)

And as for Janessa, she ordered the Arrabiata (SGD 15.80). It is a tomato-based pasta with zucchini, eggplant and bacon. =) It also got a lot of cheese powder on top. Yum Yum~! xD

While her bf, Royce ordered squid ink too, but just that the one he had is spaghetti instead of rice. He ordered their Squid Ink Pasta (SGD 17.80). It's a pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil and also squid rings.

 Took another shot when all of our food had all been served. (My friends keep complaining about this cuz they all were growling in hunger already. =P)

OKAY... here comes the funniest part of the night, or more like, the most best actor and actresses night. =.= While we were waiting for our desserts to be served, Connie started to take out a book and pretend to read while Janessa and Royce busy looking at their phone. Then suddenly it turned out that both of them and also Yuki also joined in the acting scenes and all started to take out books and PRETEND they were using the time to read. -.- Seriously... *speechless*

Act 一个 Take 1 :

Act 一个 Take 2:

For the drinks of the night, most of us ordered the Ice Match Latte With Softee (SGD 8.80). Only Yuki ordered the Hot Cafe Au Lait (SGD 5.80) which is something similar to cafe latte. To be frank, I don't really satisfied with the ice matcha latte as the matcha taste was just too PLAIN, like you can't taste matcha at all. They seriously need to improve on that.

Finally our desserts has came. We ordered the Caramelised Banana Pancake (SGD 13.80). The bananas cooked in a deep golden caramel sauce and garnished with toasted almond nibs.

It was a delectable dessert and luckily not too sweet. I don't like it if the sweetness overwhelmed the taste of the dessert. But this one just nice. =)

Another one was the Chocolate Molleaux (SGD 9.80). Can't tell what it is from the name right? It was actually the most sinful indulgence of the world, the molten chocolate lava cake! xD

It looked damn good but I was quite disappoint when I found out that the chocolate inside didn't oozed out when we scooped until the inner layer. Major disappointment! =( I was so looking forward to see the chocolate lava oozing out you know! >.<

We actually did ordered another dessert which is the french toast but apparently they have totally forgetten about our order and made us waited for quite some time!! I can understand that sometimes customers might be a lot and might be overlook or something, but they asked us to wait but still, we didn't get our order in the end! I really think that they should make some improvements on their services!

This was the first not-so-good experience I had in Miam Miam and I can't believed I will encountered again for the SECOND TIME even though not the exact same issue, but still, I really hope they will look into it and improve their services. 

Despite of this, I think their food is not bad and worth a try. I will definitely go back and give their french toast a try as I heard that it is really good. Must try then only can tell right? =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Miam Miam

#02-14, Bugis Junction,
200 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188021.

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