Sunday, July 6, 2014

~ Get Your Eyes Tricked @ Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Sentosa ~

Hi everyone, I'm back finally!!! xD Just came back from my holidays not long ago, had a really great one with my Nguyen Alexis, Nguyen Connie and Nguyen Keinth, lolol. =P No worry, will definitely update you guys about my trip soon here!!! And you will know why we all called each other Nguyen now, lol.

Anyway, gonna update about my visit to this newly opened Trick Eye Museum at RWS aka Resorts World Sentosa not long ago before my short holidays. This museum is originated in Korea, so there is a BIGGER one in Korea, but for people who still haven't got the chance to travel to Korea, we can just go to this one in Singapore instead, haha. =)

As we already knew there will be a huge crowd at the museum, so we agreed to meet up a bit earlier for breakfast before we went to queue for the museum in Vivocity. But obviously we all failed to make it super early as we had planned, but it still considered early for a weekend where I was supposed to wake up by noon usually, lol! Anyway, the crowd was much more crazy than we thought, will show the photos later on.

Since we already expected to queue for QUITE SOME TIME, so we decided to have a "sumptuous" breakfast before the queuing, haha.Trust me, it's been like ages since I last woke up so early for breakfast during weekend. We went to Toast Box in Vivocity for a typical morning breakfast.

Typical Breakfast- Toasts, Soft Boiled Eggs and Coffee!
So many EGGSSSSSSSSS, haha! xD

After a good breakfast, it's time to start our adventure, lol. The crowd really gave us a BIG SHOCK when we reached. Cuz it was UNBELIEVABLY LONG!!!! Serious, no joke!! The queue started from the front of the museum to another end of some other place, so ridiculous you know!! >.<

Oh yeah, even though this museum is quite new here, but what makes the queue super long was because of the HALF PRICE promotion they were having last few weeks. So that's why we went to queue for it too, lol. We only need to pay SGD 12.50 for the tickets but we actually got it with SGD 12 only, and no queuing for the tickets too, lucky us! =)

We happened to encounter a couple who wanted to sell away their tickets as I think they don't wanna queue for so long and waste their time on queuing. So once we entered the queue to get our tickets, this couple approached us and asked whether we wanted to buy the tickets from them and they agreed to sell it at SGD 12 each, haha. And the luckiest thing is they also have 7 tickets as we need to get 7 tickets also! So really lucky us! xD At least we don't have to waste more time to queue for the tickets and got them at 50 cents cheaper each, hehe. =P

And this is how the queue and the crowd looked like! I swear this is super crazy!! Guess how long we have queued just to enter the museum?!! Around 6 hours!! OMG, I have never queued so long over anything and this certainly was my first and the last time! >.< Only willing to queue because of the half price promotion though, lol. Or else I rather coming back some other day if there wasn't any promotion going on.

Snakingly long queue from the front of the museum! =O
The weather was freaking hot that day and we were already sweating once we joined the queue. >.< Since there is nothing we can do while queuing, so definitely it's time for SELFIES and GROUPFIES, haha! xD

After a while we finally able to move into the queue that's more nearer to the museum, and some shelter finally!! *phew* Some funny photos were taken while we were waiting there too. For those super unglam photos, I won't be putting them up here of course, lol. >.<

Call us zombies!! Haha!
After waiting, standing, sitting for around 6 hours, YES!! Finally it's our turn to go in!! Connie said better stayed inside until the museum's closing time to make our waiting more worth while, hahaha! Quite true indeed, lol! xD

Ok, so now I will just let the pictures do all the talking! Have fun! =)

We were trapped!!! >.<

Woohoo! Sky diving for the first time in our life!! *imagination*

The couple on the turtle. Or supposed to be called as the "turtle couple"? Haha! =P

Oh no, save us from the scary piranha!!! *screaming*

Circus time! Hope you enjoy our show! (Britney's song "Circus" playing at the back)

Turning into babies in a glance!! xD

Flying on the broom! We are joining Harry Potter! Woohoo! =D

We were the angles riding on bicycle, lol! xD

Oh god, the anacondas was approaching!! Run for your life!! 

The elephant was so strong! It can lift us up just by its trunk! =P

Finally a photo of 3 girls! =)

A couple spotted!! Look! xD

It's time for some ballet classes! Hahaha! =P

I found that these are the few amazing shots that we had on that day! =)

There were actually a lot more photos taken in the museum but I will only share all the shots in my facebook! Anyway, you guys really should give it a try as this will be so fun and interesting! I guessed the queue won't be that crazily long since there is no promotion currently. =P

Trick Eye Museum

Waterfronts, Resorts World Sentosa
(Just behind the Malaysian Food Street)


  1. Trick Eye Museum i failed grab half price ticket T_T

    look really fun ....Harry Potter style make me laugh :P

    1. @siaw siaw life: Haha, yup it is fun! =) Ooh, that's too bad, but maybe they will have some other promotion in future, who knows? ^.^ Haha, the Harry Potter one really like real lol. =P