Sunday, August 3, 2014

~ A Non-Strangers' Reunion @ Strangers' Reunion ~

Strangers' Reunion, when this cafe first came across my head, I was like: "Wow, the name is so interesting!" But what really captured my attention was mainly positive reviews of the food and coffee there, and ALMOST everyone recommend that the waffle there is a MUST TRY!! =)

So I just can't seems to find a reason of not going there and try their food and coffee out. I instantly regret of NOT paying a visit to this cafe earlier! Their food were quite up to standard and the coffee and waffles they served definitely is AWESOME!! =)

It was a casual Friday after work evening, me and Mandy, her bf and Ah Fui decided to meet up for dinner. Of course I would suggest Strangers' Reunion! xD It is located at Kampong Bahru Road which is nearer to Outram Park station. Here's a small reminder for you guys: It's much nearer to walk from the exit of Purple Line instead of the Green Line. =)

A sneak peek of the menu here:

I have to admit that I really love their cosy ambience but the crazy crowd over there on a Friday night seriously make the cafe a bit squeezer. >.<

We ordered their Mocha (SGD 5.50) for the drinks that night. It was really as good as the reviews said and the coffee was really fragrant! =) And the bonus mark was given when I saw the nice latte art on top. =)

The super pretty latte art on top just make me can't stop but keep taking more shots of it. xD Since their coffee taste awesome I shall try coffee like cappuccino or cafe latte next time.

We also ordered an Iced Mocha (SGD 6.50). Cold drinks always slightly expensive than the hot one, hmm... Is it because of the size of the drinks? (I wondered...) But to me, if you really wanna have a genuine taste of the coffee, better try the hot one first. =)

Mandy's bf ordered the 36-Hour Slow-Braised-Lamb (SGD 25.90). Such a funny yet attention-captured name, haha! xD (I was hesitate whether to order this dish or not as I'm a huge fan of lamb, lol. Too amny choices and too many I felt like trying. =P)

It was lamb braised in red wine sauce, served along with tabouli (a mix of vegetables) and tortilla (thin flatbread). I was a bit disappointed as it doesn't turned out to be as awesome as I thought. The flavour just lack of something in it. (Was kinda glad that I ordered something else instead. =P)

As for Mandy, she ordered the Truffled Salmon Phyllo (SGD 27.90). It was a slice of salmon with seasonal vegetables, tomato salsa, sauteed capsicums with pesto cream and truffled mash. 

But it was a huge disappointment of the night as the dish turned out to be a quite disaster. Maybe is just the flavour wasn't to our liking. You know, sometimes taste is so much to personal's preference, we may not like it but who knows that you might actually like the taste of it? Oh wells... *shrug*

Here was the truffled mash that served together with the salmon. I guessed the only thing that we liked of the dish was this mash potato, lol. >.<

After "struggling" between the various choices of main dish they offered on the menu, I finally decided to try their Truffled Wagyu Burger (SGD 26.90). It has a thick wagyu beef slice with a sunny side-up in it, tomato relish, homemade aioli (a traditional sauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks), cheddar (a type of cheese), served with some salad and potato chips. =)

Oh My God, I've made the corrrect choice by choosing this wagyu beef burger! It didn't let me down afterall. The wagyu beef patty was so juicy yet tender, taste even better when you cut the sunny side-up and allowed the egg yolk to run over the beef patty. =)

The overall taste of the wagyu beef burger was just flavourful and you definitely won't regret of ordering it. =) It may looked a bit small in portion but trust me, with that thick of beef patty, by the time you finished the whole dish you will already feel damn full! xD

Ah Fui ordered himself the Crispy Pork Belly (SGD 24.90). It had a few slice of pork belly served along with apple and date chutney, tomato salsa and truffled mash. =)

It taste nice but nothing surprised us. It actually looked and taste like our Chinese's roasted pig aka 烧肉. We were thinking this dish will be more a Western-like pork belly, not the Chinese one. >.<

After all the filling and sumptuous main dishes, now it's time for dessert!!! *Woohoo!* What else better to order than a good old waffles? =P So we ordered their Yogurt Waffles (SGD 12.90). You can either choose yogurt or vanilla ice-cream for the waffles. We decided to go for yogurt since we used to have waffles with ice-cream more often. =)

Only looked at how colourful and attractive the waffle can already make you feel hungry and can't wait to dig in! =) It taste amazingly good with the yogurt and the fresh fruits such as banana, strawberries and blueberries on top. The waffle itself was fluffy on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside. A MUST TRY when you come to Strangers' Reunion! Strongly and highly recommend to you all!! =)

I will definitely pay a few more visits to this cafe again even though there are still a lot more new cafes on my list-to-go, haha! Really think that it's a good place for gathering and majorly because I seriously love their coffee and waffle!! (Can get my waffle-fix here if I have a craving of it. =P)

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Strangers' Reunion

37, Kampong Bahru Road, 
Singapore 169356.  

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