Sunday, August 31, 2014

~ Coffee With Cute Latte Art @ Chock Full Of Beans, Changi Village ~

It's really paiseh for me only to blog about this cafe now cuz it was a super long time ago that I paid visit to chock full of beans in Changi Village. >.< But anyway, the main reason that attract me to this place is their super adorable latte art!! =)

That day me, Connie and her bf, Keinth, we all went to the travel fair at expo. Since we were already at the east side so we decided to go to Changi Village. After we had a quite sumptous dinner at the Changi Village Food Centre, we headed to Chock Full Of Beans for our coffee and desserts fixing. xD

Even though they did offered a wide selections of food, but we only aimed for the desserts and the coffee. =P Maybe will give their food a try if I pay a visit next time. =)

The cafe was quite crowded as it was a Saturday but luckily we don't have to wait long for a good seat. We were seated outside at those high chair (which was quite uncomfortable to be frank) and able to change our seatings to inside of the cafe. =)

I quite like how the place looks like, their interior is comfy and totally love their brick tiles wall! Pardon for my lousy photos taken of the interior look of the place as that day was quite crowded and kinda hard to get a good shot of them. >.<

After a while of waiting and anticipating, finally our desserts had arrived! =) Omg, I just like them so much! Of course not just because they are desserts but is how they decorate the plate that served the cake. xD

We ordered one New York Cheese Cake (SGD 6) and a Dark Chocolate Cake (SGD 6). You really have to admit that the staffs really did put in some efforts on decorating the plate. xD 

Tadahh~! The drawing was so cute and lovely, wasn't it? =) It just lift your mood up before you start enjoying the smooth and soft cheese cake! =) But the cake itself really taste good and the cute latte art of course is some add-on marks to it. =P

The chocolate cake taste awesome too! =) The cake was rich in chocolate flavour and you just can't helped but want to eat more with each bite from it. xD

And it's mario they drawed on the plate! After seeing what they can do with the desserts, it made us more looking forward to our drinks! xD 

I ordered myself a hot Vanilla Latte (SGD 5). They said the best way to taste whether it's a good cup of coffee or not is ordering the hot one rather than the iced one. Wells, I truly believed that so I still stick to my choice even though there was a waitress told us that we could get a 3D latte art by ordering the iced one!

Oh My God! It's the cute Winnie the Pooh! *excited* Haha, how could I finish the whole cup without ruining the latte art? It was just too cute and adorable! =) But no doubt that they did served up to standard coffee, not just the beautiful latte art. *thumbs up*

Finally Connie's and Keinth's coffee had arrived too but it was such a great disappointment as they were actually expecting a 3D latte art! >.< Apparently they only got the normal latte art instead of the 3D one. Only quite laters that I know by order iced drinks won't get you a 3D latte art, you have to actually REQUEST for it! Oh wells, the waitress should have make a clearer point that time! *tsk tsk*

Connie ordered herself an Iced Caramel Macchiato (SGD 6.50) while Keinth ordered himself an Iced Hazelnut Latte (SGD 6.50). Although they both still get cute latte art on the coffee, but they were expecting a more special kind of latte art. >.<

But all on all, the coffee and the desserts there are worth a try. I really don't mind pay the cafe a visit again but probably gonna request a 3D latte art this time round! xD Maybe should go there on a weekend to try their brunch menu also as I saw quite a lot of people posted tempting photo of breakfast at there. *drooling*

Till next time, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Chock Full Of Beans

Blk 4, Changi Village Road,
Singapore 500004.

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