Sunday, September 14, 2014

~ Tsukado Najo Bijin Nabe aka beauty pot (美人锅) @ Plaza Singapura ~

Yup, you saw nothing wrong of the title of my post, it is BEAUTY POT we had! xD It was not my first visit to this place but it was the FIRST time I got to eat it cuz the waiting list for the day was CLOSED during my first visit. Super crazy huh? But it wasn't that good for my second visit cuz we still need to wait for around an hour before we can start our dinner. We were all already famished by the time we were inside. >.<

You all must be wondering what it is that caused such crazy queue and waiting right? Wells, it is actually a hotpot using quality collagen soup of Jidori chicken from Mizayaki, Japan and served with various vegetables, shrimps and other ingredients. And it doesn't have any MSG added. The bijin nabe is SGD 25 per pax and the pot serves a minimum of 2 pax. =)

The highlight of the beauty pot is : The soup is stewed for around 8 hours until the chicken bones are fully dissolved and then allowed to cool to room temperature. The soup then turns into a smooth and silky pudding that is SUPER RICH IN COLLAGEN. I guess that's the main reason why so many people are attracted to have this so called beauty pot. =)

After a while a pot of yellowish jelly-like pudding were served in front of us. Each and every of them looked so thick and smooth and silky? Haha, it's hard to believe that they are made from solid chicken bones! =O

Then now we will have to wait for these pudding-like things to melt and become the soup base. =)

These are the ingredients that served along together with the bijin nabe. It looked small in portion but rest assured that the quality of the food they served is definitely up to standard. =) They have prawns, lady's finger, water melon radish, yellow zucchini, baby corn, yuzu (wow!), deep fried tofu, black fungus (I love this!), lettuce and tori tsukune (chicken meatball in a wooden spatula). =)

After the pudding-like thing melt into soup, the waiter will helped us out by explaining how we should eat this beauty pot in order to enjoy fully of the bijin nabe. =)

The waiter will helped out by scooping the soup into a small cup and let us have a authentic taste of the soup itself. =) It taste damn good! It's flavourful and not those MSG kind flavour, really good. =)

They also let us try the chicken solely before they start to put in the rest of the ingredients into the soup. =) The chicken was tender and soft, and I had it together with the red chili oil.

After this, the waiter will start to put in the ingredients one by one into the soup. They will scooped in the tori tsukune aka chicken meatballs into the soup, then followed by yellow zucchini, lady's finger, water melon radish, baby corn, yuzu, ddep fried tofu, sunflower sprout, lettuc, black fungus, mushrooms and lastly, the fresh prawns! =)

Mmm, the whole pot just looked yummy and delicious! We just can't wait to dig in! xD All the other ingredients makes the pot looked so colourful and attractive! Definitely lift up both your mood and appetite. =)

As I mentioned earlier that the food portion may looked little but by the time we finished the pot with the ramen that we ordered, we already quite full, There are 3 choices of ramen/noodles : thin egg noodles, thick mochi-mochi noodles and rice noodles, We chose the thin egg noodles as recommended by the waiter there. =)

They will help you to refill the soup, but only the first time is FOC (free of charge) and the subsequent refill is chargeable. The soup is so delicious until we can't help but keep drinking and drinking. xD

Besides ordered this bijin nabe, we also ordered the Spicy Chicken Nanban (SGD 8.50). Initially we were thinking whether to try the super tempting looking nikumaki onigiri but after considered a while, we tried the chicken nanban instead, also another recommendation from the waiter there. =)

The chicken nanban taste divine and definitely worth the try! =) I don't know about you guys but it is not very spicy to me, but for those who can eat mild spicy I think this one suits you too. The chicken was crispy and complement well with the special chili sauce that comes with it. Thumbs up from all of us! Finger licking good? Haha! xD

After we finished our food and while we were chatting, suddenly the waiter presented us a plate of desserts before us. It was jelly but served in a plate that had cute drawing on it. =)

All in all, it's a very good and worth to try place despite of the long queue and all. The bijin nabe seriously good, but whether is it going to provide your skin collagen or not, that one I really have no idea, haha. =P Do note that NO PHONE RESERVATION  can be made, so my advise is come and queue as EARLY as possible. =)

Till then, annyeong! Xoxo, Phoebe. :)

Tsukada Nojo

68B Orchard Road,
#03-81, The Atrium Level,
Singapore 238891.

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